DC's 'Titans': Fans slam writers for latest episode, 'Jason Todd', call it 'stupidity'

A new Robin came into the scene in episode 6 and fans aren't too happy with the details - they argue Batman and Robin would never really cut off from each other for real

                            DC's 'Titans': Fans slam writers for latest episode, 'Jason Todd', call it 'stupidity'

Fans are slamming writers of DC's 'Titans' over their latest episode, 'Jason Todd', for leaving loopholes in the plot. The story just introduced a new character in the show, a new Robin to be exact, and fans are not happy with the way it was handled. So far, after a lot of driving around, arson and fighting nuns and the Nuclear Family, the band finally got back together in the last episode of 'Titans.' Unfortunately, the reunion didn't last as long as we had hoped and things went south for the team very quickly.

What's worse, a new masked hero walked into town, claiming that he was Batman's protege. Dick didn't take it well, of course, and it seems ignorant on his part to not be aware of the existence of another Robin, argue fans.

"Oracle would tell him right away. Alfred would tell him almost right away. Dick listens to the criminal underground and what they are talking about, especially when they say the name of his alter-ego. Dick would have an internet filter for any posts with his alter ego referenced. So maybe not one of these... but not all of them? He would know," wrote a fan. Another added, "He's a cop for god sake. Plus he's so close to Bats, it's impossible that he won't keep an eye on Gotham...What were you thinking."


"More writing stupidity in Episode 6. Dick Grayson would know if there was a new Robin for an entire year," another fan said, adding, "Batman would not revoke Grayson's access to safe houses." Jason and Dick work together in the episode, and at a point, end up in one of Bruce Wayne's safehouses. New Robin aka Jason Todd is seen helping Dick - the latter couldn't access the safehouse without him. Fans wondered how someone like Bruce, given their history, cut him out of his life like that?


"A petty Batman? Never heard of that", said a fan. Another wrote, "Bruce still regards Dick as a son. He knows that if Dick is trying access one of his safe houses that there might be an urgent reason. What he would do is have it alarm him right away so he could go check it out. Bruce always seems pettier than he actually is."

While we don't really know what Batman is thinking or how much of an upper hand he has in the situation, the episode did give us some clarity in terms of the way Dick thinks of Bruce and if he really did want to leave his life as Robin behind. The mystery behind Cory and Rachel, however, continues. 

'Titans' airs on Netflix every Friday.