DC FanDome 2020: 'The Flash' Season 7 teaser shows Barry's desperation as Iris loses her sanity in Mirrorverse

The Season 7 teaser of 'The Flash' promises much drama and action

                            DC FanDome 2020: 'The Flash' Season 7 teaser shows Barry's  desperation as Iris loses her sanity in Mirrorverse
'The Flash' (CW)

Season 6 of 'The Flash' had to be cut short by four episodes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These few episodes will be folded into the Season 7 storyline and the good news is that we got to see some footage of what's to come in the next season.

There's going to be much drama, as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) will put everything on the line to get Iris West (Candice Patton) out of the mirrorverse, even though his speed is dying. Going by the teaser, Barry is attempting to create an artificial speed force and get Iris as well as Kamilla (Victoria Park) from the Mirrorverse. Meanwhile, Iris is having a difficult time in the Mirrorverse, as she sees a 'product' of her broken mind. She's given a choice between survival and insanity. 

Barry promises to save everyone, but there's a lot of people he needs to save, as even the city is danger. Meanwhile, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) is in trouble too. So, we're in for a rough ride for the first half of Season 7 at least. There won't be much time to rest, as the showrunner Eric Wallace has promised that a new villain is on the rise too and that could be anyone.

Fans are thrilled and are waiting for the show, which will return in 2021. "@CW_TheFlash season seven looks so good! Can't wait to see Iris' mirror situation, Barry's mission to get his speed back, and freakin' Godspeed! Hope the DC Fandome panel is on the season seven Blu-ray too. #DCFanDome," a fan tweeted.



"That Season 7 sizzler! The focus on saving their chosen family is such a great pull for next season. And all of the Iris West-Allen footage makes me so very happy. #TheFlash knows how to keep me engaged. #DCFanDome," another wrote.



"Cecile, Eva and Iris dominating the beginning of S7. We love to see it. #dcfandome #theflash," another wrote.

Iris is going to get her time to shine, and fans are here for it. "It was a long time coming" was the most polite way of saying it was about time Iris finally gets her time to shine with a meaty storyline which Candice has been killing," a fan tweeted.



'The Flash' returns in January 2021.

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