DC FanDome 2020: Candice Patton says she'd 'superspeed people out of police interactions', fans call her 'queen'

Candice Patton tells fans how she would use her superpowers as a boss and it's none other than superspeed which she wants to put to good use

                            DC FanDome 2020: Candice Patton says she'd 'superspeed people out of police interactions', fans call her 'queen'
Candice Patton (DC FanDome)

DC FanDome won fans' hearts with 'BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe' panel discussion that saw prominent stars from The CW shows, including Candice Patton, Javicia Leslie, Anna Diop and Damaris Lewis. It was an empowering panel discussion as the actresses opened up about their experiences on playing superheroes and the constant battles they fight every day. Candice, who plays Barry Allen's wife Iris in the show 'The Flash' opened up on her understanding of the word 'boss' and how sometimes people tend to call strong women divas who are being 'difficult'. Candice emphasized that she had grown to like this word now, as she had been told for her whole life, to stay within the boundaries, 'to be kind' and 'to stay grateful'. But she said that she wasn't going to take that anymore and advised others to fight back and 'be bosses' for each other. 

Candice has been an inspiration to many of her fans as she has always spoken up about racism and during this panel discussion, when she was asked what superpower would she like, she mentioned that she wanted super-speed to rescue people from the precarious practices of policemen. This statement earned her the title 'queen' from the fans watching DC FanDome.



"Listening to Candice Patton, who plays Iris on The Flash, was so uplifting on #DCFanDome," a fan tweeted.



"'I think we get labeled as divas or difficult but that means I will stand up for you. I think that's what we have to do as Black women. Be bosses for each other.' Protect Candice Patton so she can keep standing up for those who need it. #dcfandome #theflash," a fan quoted.



"Candice Patton, a queen, wanting to use her superpowers of super speed to save people from police brutality! Yes! #DCFanDome #Bawse," another tweeted.



Fans were full of praise for Candice and wrote, "Candice patton really and truly changed the game for black women in the comic book genre and I'm so grateful for her work and all the other amazing black women that followed, like I don't think you can ever understand how important their work is," a fan tweeted. 

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