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DC FanDome 2020: Candice Patton promises West-Allen reunion in 'The Flash' Season 7, fans are relieved

At DC FanDome 2020, Candice Patton answered a burning question: Will there be a West-Allen reunion?
UPDATED AUG 23, 2020
'The Flash' (CW)
'The Flash' (CW)

The Arrowverse has many treasured couples and leading the list is Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) from the show 'The Flash'. However, in Season 6, West-Allen shippers were disheartened when the two were separated, as Iris was abducted into the Mirroverse by Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dior). A mirror-clone of Iris was installed in the real and for the longest time, Barry had no idea that this Iris lookalike was not his real wife. It took him to be kicked out of his house for him to finally get the hint. After a Terminator-ish fight with the fake Iris, Barry managed to get her emotional side and mirror-Iris softened. Unfortunately, Eva killed her before she could be her own person again.

Meanwhile, the real Iris has been stuck in the Mirrorverse and is slowly losing all sense of herself. The new teaser for Season 7 showed that Iris is seeing multiple versions of herself, which are a 'product of her broken mind', as one promised. A desperate Barry is ready to do anything to get her out of the Mirrorverse, and is trying to create an artificial speed force to save her. At DC FanDome 2020, Candice Patton answered a burning question: Will there be a West-Allen reunion? She said 'yes, definitely' and that they will find their way back to each other. So you can breathe, folks. 

"@candicepatton & #GrantGustin portrayal of Barry and Iris will forever be amazing! Their chemistry is magical and the best! #TheFlash #DCFanDome," a fan tweeted.


""They will find their way back to each other, eventually" - Candice Patton's quote on Iris and Barry's looming Season 7 reunion was the perfect way to wrap #TheFlash panel. #DCFanDome #WestAllen," a fan wrote.


Some fans just want the Mirror storyline to finish, once and for all. "Pls I just want iris to be reunited with everyone and be done with the mirror storyline #DCFanDome #TheFlash," a fan tweeted.


"Candice says Iris will come out "very soon" once Season 7 premieres. Thank goodness! #TheFlash #DCFandome," a fan tweeted.


Well, it remains to be seen what will happen in 'The Flash' Season 7. The CW show will return in January 2021.