Doom Patrol: Will Cyborg get another origin story and finally be a permanent member of DC's new franchise?

Cyborg has been a long-standing member of 'Teen Titans' and the 'Justice League', but has never been able to call any franchise his home... Is it going to change with Doom Patrol

                            Doom Patrol: Will Cyborg get another origin story and finally be a permanent member of DC's new franchise?

Cyborg aka Victor Stone is a cybernetically enhanced human being, who became his metal self due to an explosion in his father's lab, which killed Cyborg's mother, and left him severely injured. To save Cyborg's life, his father attached advanced experimental prosthetics to his deformed body, making Cyborg somewhat whole again.

But this turn of events left Cyborg feeling less than human and is also pretty similar to a lot of background stories of the main 'Doom Patrol' characters.

But the latest origin story of Cyborg adapted by Zack Snyder in the Justice League movies, shows that he was created due to an explosion of a Motherbox (a piece of highly advanced, sentient technology from the New Gods), which then got attached to his physical form giving him extraordinary capabilities which were well beyond the ken of science at the time.

This origin story is by far one of the most sensible and provides the character with a sense of depth as compared to his previous origin.


Coming back to 'Doom Patrol', the main characters of this series have a very tragic background, where either their body was destroyed by an accident, or else they'd been exposed to substances which would mutate them in grotesque ways, making them less human, and also interfering with the life they used to live.

But, Cyborg had never been part of 'Doom Patrol', so why has DC decided to confuse fans even more by adding him to yet another team?


Cyborg, in the comics, was a young adult when he met the Teen Titan's Team. He was not accepted into the Justice League because of his lack of experience, making him seek guidance from this young bunch of upcoming heroes, and would later become a mentor figure for the New Teen Titans.

Cyborg's best friend in the DC universe is undoubtedly Beast Boy, who originally came from the 'Doom Patrol' team, and the series 'Titans' quite nicely sums up Beast Boy's origin story and his "transfer" from 'Doom Patrol' to the 'Titans'.

After gaining a little experience with the nitty-gritty of heroism, Cyborg became a part of the Justice League, and after DC's reboot of its graphic novel series in 2011, he was known as one of the founding members of the Justice League.

But again, where does Cyborg stand in all of this?

With DC's new 'Doom Patrol' releasing in February, we see that Cyborg has adjusted quite swimmingly to the 'Doom Patrol' team, but his intentions and motives with the team still remain unknown.

With the Chief playing a big part in the creation and origins of the 'Doom Patrol' members, we might as well see him tweaking the origins of the new Cyborg.

Timothy Dalton as The Chief in 'Doom Patrol' (2019) Source: IMDB
Timothy Dalton as The Chief in 'Doom Patrol' (2019) Source: IMDB

And Cyborg would fit in perfectly with this team if Chief would be the one responsible for giving Cyborg his look with the help of the Motherbox, rather than Cyborg's dad, whom Cyborg held in extreme contempt. This would make the Chief Cyborg's potential father figure as is the case with the rest of the 'Doom Patrol' team.

Also, since 'Doom Patrol' is not that well known outside the circle of hardcore DC fans, Cyborg may be the bridge used to attract potential new comics fans to this upcoming series and give them a familiar face to introduce them to this new world.

DC also suggested that 'Doom Patrol' will be given their missions by Cyborg, who comes to them with “a mission that’s hard to refuse, but with a warning that’s hard to ignore.” So whether Cyborg's a formal part of the team or just part of mission control is yet to been seen.

By popular demand, there will also be a standalone 'Cyborg' movie coming out in 2020, and most likely they may stick to the Zack Snyder version for the film.

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Whatever may be the reason for their inclusion of Cyborg as part of 'Doom Patrol', I just hope that his character is not rebooted with a new origin story, as DC needs to settle Victor Stone into a familiar groove rather than shunting him from one franchise to another.

Cyborg will be played by Joivan Wade in his first ever superhero role, and 'Doom Patrol' will premiere on 15 February exclusively on