'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Will gets ready to break Paul's heart

Buckle up because you will not want to miss a moment out of this emotional episode from 'Days of Our Lives'

                            'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Will gets ready to break Paul's heart

Brace yourselves DOOL fans, amidst all the drama and chaos, in this episode, we will notice a lot of emotions and heartbreaks in Salem. 

In the September 7 episode, we will see Will (Chandler Massey) prepare himself to break Paul's (Christophe Sean) heart... At least he decides to go slow about it because he knows that Paul has just come out of a life-saving surgery. Buckle up because you will not want to miss a moment of this emotional episode. 

From the last episode, we are already aware that Brady (Eric Martsolf) is furious with Will, after he overhears him confess his love for Sonny, and as usual poor John (Drake Hogestyn) hasn't left Marlena's  (Deidre Hall) side. And Abigail (Marci Miller) tells JJ (Casey Moss) that she thinks Gabi (Camila Banus) is out to get her. Phew, so much of drama to keep on track... Think its time to start taking notes. 


SoapHub reveals that this episode of 'Days of Our Lives' promises, "a day of anger, heartbreak and surprise in Salem." The episode starts off with Will who has been way too overwhelmed with his memories and feelings, especially for his ex-husband  Sonny (Freddie Smith). Due to which he is left confused and later realizes that he needs to give Sonny a chance after all. 

But, (there's always a but when it comes to DOOL) in order to start his life with Sonny, he has to break Paul's heart. He doesn't stop to think about Paul who has just survived a major surgery... Since everything is about Will, he decides to go ahead and break his heart, at least he decides to take it slow. When Paul wakes up, he tells him that he has got his memory back, and Paul being the intelligent person he is, knows that this means that there is no future with him and Will anymore. (Poor Paul).


Even though Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Brady (Eric Martsolf) are worried sick about Marlena (Deidre Hall), they still try and be strong for John and convince him, because he is deeply wounded by the thought that Marlena may never survive. They want to make sure he doesn't let this issue worry him and get himself stressed. 

Meanwhile, Belle (Martha Madison) who takes her job as the lawyer in the family quite seriously, finds out something surprising and is not able to keep it to herself, instead of shares the stunning news with Eric about their mother. What do you think Eric will do? 


Bonnie (Judi Evans), on the other hand, as always has been a wrecking ball in Salem and this time she goes after Lucas (Bryan Dattilo). She not only drops a huge bomb on him, leaving him stunned. How d you think Lucas is going to react to the news? and what might it be? Well, I'll leave you with that cliffhanger, keep thinking. 

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