Kristen Bell shares how husband Dax Shepard 'brilliantly' educated their daughter on the middle finger

Kristen Bell shares how husband Dax Shepard 'brilliantly' educated their daughter on the middle finger
Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Kristen Bell recently took to Instagram to show how Dax Shepard and she parented their daughters, six-year-old Lincoln and five-year-old Delta.

Posting a series of video on her Instagram stories, Bell revealed her reaction when Shepard and one of their daughters had a conversation about using the middle finger. 

Talking about the incident, the daughter shared with Shepard that one of her classmates told her that the middle finger meant "fu**". He acknowledged, "Yeah, that's right", but added that her classmate was "naughty" to use that type of language.

While Shepard was invested in the conversation and wanted to educate his daughter, Bell, on the other hand, was enjoying the moment while it lasted. 

"I have been waiting for this conversation since the day I got pregnant," she wrote. She further revealed that she was "fidgeting" because she was "trying so hard not to laugh. It's excruciating."

Meanwhile, Shepard praised their daughter for not using the finger despite knowing the meaning behind it. "You know that's a naughty finger and I never see you do that," he said.

"It makes me so proud. That you know it, yet you don't do it," he added. He further shared with his daughter that she had used the finger in the past and that was when she did not know the meaning behind it so they chose to ignore it.

"One time you couldn't get a shirt on in your bedroom and you let it fly and then later that day you were in the swimming pool and you let one fly, but since then you've really curbed it," Shepard said.

Their daughter laughed and added that they never explained the meaning behind the word. Shepard agreed and said that they ignored it in the hopes that they won't say it a lot.

Their daughter seemed to understand what he was trying to tell and the conversation ended. Bell credited Shepard for his work and shared that he handled the situation "brilliantly".

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