Dax Shepard says he would let his 2 daughters try mushrooms and pot: 'Just don’t do cocaine or opiates'

Dax Shepard says he would let his 2 daughters try mushrooms and pot: 'Just don’t do cocaine or opiates'
Dax Shepard (Getty Images)

Dax Shepard has been sober for a few years now. However, the changes incorporated in his lifestyle wouldn’t stop him from telling his daughters Lincoln and Delta to try their hands at certain drugs when they are of the age to do it. 

During his conversation with Rob Lowe in the latest edition of his ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast, the 45-year-old went on to prove that he’s a complete coming-of-age father as he told Lowe that he wouldn’t be surprised to hear his daughters discuss drugs in the future. 

Speaking in favor of the psychedelic drug, magic mushrooms, the ‘Bless this Mess’ actors said, "I am pro my children doing mushrooms at some point. Well, there’s a lot of different studies that have pretty conclusively shown that you have long-lasting creative advantages, right? People who have done mushrooms have markedly more creativity that lasts."

However, he has his picks and quite sternly establishes that he wouldn’t want his girls to get into chemicals. 

“So I guess I’m going to tell my girls to do shrooms and to smoke pot and to drink — and just don’t do cocaine or opiates. If you don’t do those two things, you’ll likely be able to do the other ones for the rest of your life."

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Lowe took to Instagram to share a long post to celebrate his sobriety. 

The post begins reading. “I haven’t been vocal about my sobriety on here just because I felt it was something I wanted to keep personal, but I had a change of heart today." He talks about making one of the hardest decisions of his life. The actor also sends out his support to addicts who could be going through a hard time while fighting the ongoing health crisis. 

The long caption followed a throwback picture in which he’s seen drinking alcohol directly from a bottle with “life is short, blow it” written on it. However, after experiencing sobriety and successfully fighting his addictions, Shepard mentions in the caption, “Life doesn’t have to be short and we don’t have to blow it!” Lowe has been sober for over two years now. 

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