Stunning Davina McCall strikes back at trolls who body-shamed her for "looking too thin"

Davina McCall is sharing her fitness journey and gave trolls a piece of her mind when they shamed her saying she looked too thin and gaunt.

                            Stunning Davina McCall strikes back at trolls who body-shamed her for "looking too thin"
Davina McCall (Source:Getty Images)

Davina McCall is proud of her body and she is happy to pose for a picture in a bikini. The television presenter took to Instagram on June 22 and shared a stunning picture of her in a bikini but she was soon hit with negative comments with people calling her 'far too thin', 'gaunt', and more. All Davina wanted to do was show off her toned body that she was really proud of. 

Many were quick to criticize her look as one commented, "Sorry but this no longer look right! It is not a healthy look !!! Why post a photo with sticking bones and such thin face! Very disappointing!" while another wrote, "I surprised that you would post a photo of yourself showing so much skin and bone. I thought you promoted health." Another concerned fan wrote, "Davina, please ask yourself if this has become an addiction. Totally understandable after your marriage breaks up. But tbh this photo looks like a cry for help. If so, please reach out. You know what to do. Sending love."

Davina was quick to hit back at the trollers and made it clear that she was happy with her body. Sharing a second bikini picture Davina explained that she just wanted to share her fitness results with her fans. "Jesus! Talk about hooha!!!" she wrote. Two pics... the same day I chose one on the right coz I liked my 6 pack but just so you can all calm down here is one without."

She made it clear that she was "happy and healthy" and her Instagram was a living proof of that. Davina shared the image because she was wearing a bikini after a very long time and was happy to see the progress she had after she started working out. "It is the beginning of the summer. And this is a bikini selfie. And it probably won’t be the last," she'd captioned the image.

She continued, "No apologies. Because I cannot quite believe I am posting pictures of myself in bikinis still."  She also revealed the number of times she works out in a week. "I get asked all the time how many times I work out a week. 3 times minimum ... 4 ideally.. 45 mins to an hour," she continued. 

Davina also spilled some secrets about her workout. "Can’t run at the mo so I do a mixture strength and cardio ... I have so much to be grateful for... my kids are number one but right behind them at no 2 is how my fitness journey has made me feel. If I’m groggy, sluggish, negative it always sorts me out," she wrote. At the same time, she also gave some tips to people who were starting new. 

"If you are starting ... start slow.. set small goals.. achievable goals.. you will get to where you want to be. I did. And if I did. ( after years of yo-yo dieting and binge exercise) You can," she wrote. Even though there were many who criticized her look, there were others who believed that she looked gorgeous. "She is strong. You can be strong and tiny. Shame. As I don’t think saying stuff like that online helps anyone," one wrote, while another added, "My fitness idol for sure @davinamccall you look amazing and inspire me to do more and that age doesn’t define you."