David Tennant's Walt in HBO's comedy series 'Camping' is a deviation from the dark characters he has been playing

Unlike Doctor Who, Barty, or Cale, 'Camping' is the one show where Tennant will probably see a shift in his skill as an actor

                            David Tennant's Walt in HBO's comedy series 'Camping' is a deviation from the dark characters he has been playing

The world premiere date for David Tennant's upcoming movie, 'Mary Queen Of Scots' (starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie), is set to be on Thursday, November 15 when the movie will close the American Film Institute Festival, and marks yet another pressing role in Tennant's career. However, what will probably be the actor's only comic role this year will be as Walt in the upcoming HBO comedy series 'Camping'.

Following the story of Kathryn (Jennifer Garner) and Walt, who gather their friends to celebrate a landmark birthday, the show will focus on various mid-life crises including betrayal, monotony, and some late speculations of reality. Besides being yet another escapist take on life from 'Girls' producer Lena Dunham, the show is also a landmark in both Garner and Tennant's careers. While the show certainly marks Garner's return to television after almost a decade, it also provides a break for Tennant, who has been known for playing off-centered, infrequent and sporadic characters.

Tennant revealed Wednesday on his blog that his upcoming movie 'Mary Queen of Scots' will soon hit the big screen and the Tenth Doctor Who will take up the role of Scottish minister, John Knox, who on several instances condemned Mary for openly supporting Catholic practices and suggested her execution following her imprisonment.

This won't be the first time Tennant will take up the role of a dark-shaded character who is more about the realities of the world, than usual humdrum affairs. Recently, Tennant was seen playing the role of the supervillain Kilgrave in Marvel's 'Jessica Jones'.


Of course, as the Purple Man, Tennant was a perfect fit. The actor earlier depicted the creepy Barty Crouch Jr. in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', and who was also seen as Cale Erendreich in 'Bad Samaritan', has made his presence prominent on both television and movies alike due to his consistent choice of characters, who are either narcissistic creeps or damaged psychopaths or sometimes adorable geeks.

However, none of these characters seem real enough in the sense, they don't talk like regular people, don't dress like them, and are more than often adherents to a larger than life lifestyle. Not to forget, Tennant will play yet another larger than life character in the upcoming 2019 movie, Neil Gaiman's, 'Good Omens', where he will probably play the role of the Crowley.



It is probably only through the character of Walt in 'Camping' that Tennant will be able to practice a shift in his acting skills as well as his character sketch. Unlike all the other characters, Walt is a rather ordinary man with an ordinary life who finds himself stuck with his wife's decision to celebrate his 45th birthday.

However, when his tight-headed, obsessive wife tries to take control of everything around her, Walt seems to have no option but to tag along with whatever his wife decides to do. Certainly, it is a massive deviation in the kind of characters that Tennant has been playing, and the actor himself claimed it was a relief since "you can only play so many psychopaths without taking it home."