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David Letterman canceled? TV show host labeled ‘disgusting pig’ over 2013 Lindsay Lohan interview on drug abuse

Many noted that it's not just the TV show host, many people have made jokes at the expense of other celebrity addicts in the past
UPDATED FEB 14, 2021
David Letterman is getting slammed over a Lindsay Lohan interview (Getty Images)
David Letterman is getting slammed over a Lindsay Lohan interview (Getty Images)

TV show host David Letterman was slammed for a 2013 interview with Lindsay Lohan, in which he pestered her for details about her addiction issues and rehab plans while the audience had a laugh. Since the release of the documentaries on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, fans have been taking a hard look back at the way stars of the early 2000s, including Lindsay Lohan, were treated by the media — particularly when it comes to subjects like sex, addiction, and mental health. 

Back in 2013, Lindsay, then 27, starred in the 'Late Show with David Letterman' to promote the thriller 'Scary Movie 5', where everything but the film was talked about. Within minutes of sitting down, Lindsay was peppered with invasive, controversial questions about her personal struggles, including a recent stay at a facility that provided treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. 


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David Letterman speaks at Emens Auditorium on the campus of Ball State University (Getty Images)

WATCH: The 2013 Lindsay Lohan Interview

According to the Daily Mail, the interview was handled extremely well by Lohan when Letterman mocked her about her past experiences and pressed on instead of talking about the movie, which Lohan had come to promote. While the interview clearly upset Lohan, now 34, it didn't seem to bother most viewers at the time, as the exchanged earned laughter from the audience and Lohan turned to face them with a pained smile.

But times have changed, and a clip from the show has recently resurfaced on TikTok and people are praising Lohan for keeping her cool, handling 'the absurdity with class' and condemning Letterman for his insensitivity, and for making Lohan cry. A Twitter user shared a clip from the interview, saying that "This Lindsay Lohan interview on David Letterman in 2013 is horrifying to watch now." 

Watch the video here: 


‘She kept it together more than I would have’

One Twitter user responded, "She kept it together more than I would have. Never been a fan of Dave's - I think he was born a crotchety old man." Another tweet read: "I’ve been saying it for decades: David Letterman is an absolutely disgusting pig. Inexcusable that he was allowed to be given a platform to berate and degrade people, especially women, the way he did."

Letterman garnered a lot of hate comments as tweets like, "Dude f**k David letterman. What an a**hole," and "Time to cancel David Letterman because screw him." started pouring in. One Twitter user shared the popular Weeknd troll gif from this year's Super Bowl, saying "David Letterman looking for a way to not get canceled".

Actress Lindsay Lohan (Getty Images)

The outrage didn't end there.

"No because Mercury Retrograde started and then Marilyn Manson, Justin Timberlake, Joss Whedon and David Letterman all got dragged for the shit they did in the 00s," noted another. A Twitter user noted that times have changed in a tweet that read: "David letterman was so DISGUSTING to Lindsay Lohan here! And everyone laughing at her for going to rehab. Nuts to see an adult make fun of a drug addict trying to get help. So happy Culture Loves #AA now & rehab. Everything has changed. It was so bad then."








Is the outrage over the interview late?

Some people said the social media outrage was late and how the audience and people, in general, have always been part of the problem. "Lol @ the outrage over David Letterman in 2021. 1) He retired with 500 million bucks or something a million years ago and cares so much about what people think that he grew a hillbilly beard and looks like a Hoosier Santa Claus on crack 2) Waiting til y'all discover Don Rickles," a tweet noted.

"All these holier than thou people going after David Letterman. Yeah, you don't have to watch comedy shows if you're this much up your own asses," said another, while another added, "In David Letterman's defense, Lindsay Lohan was a dumpster fire at that point. Sorry Tik Tok kids, but there was a time when people weren't so far up their own asses that they could actually talk to each other like this. And it was glorious."

Lindsay Lohan (Getty Images)

‘David Letterman and Lindsay Lohan were a lot friendlier’

"I sure hope people who are ragging on David Letterman &his interview w/ Lindsay Lohan from 10 years ago didn't laugh/make a joke at the expense of addicts like Robert Downey or Lohan or Ben Affleck, Andy Dick or Charlie Sheen or Whitney Houston, etc. Were YOU part of the problem?" a tweet read. Many wondered why people were digging up the dead, and whether it was a distraction to more important news about Donald Trump being acquitted by the Senate in his second impeachment trial.

"Thank you! David Letterman and Lindsay Lohan were a lot friendlier and got along a lot better than people seem to realize based on the limited info from this one clip. I have to wonder if this wasn't thrown out here just to create more chaos and distraction from current events," said a tweet, while another said, "Today in history: Trump gets acquitted but all people are talking about is canceling David Letterman. #whatiswrongwiththisworld".

Another quipped, "I too am retroactively angry at David Letterman for an interview I didn't know existed. Thank god nothing else was happening today."