David Hasselhoff's daughter Hayley celebrates her curves in a sexy lingerie campaign

Although she is quite well known because of her famous father, Hayley Hasselhoff is fast gaining celebrity status on her own terms

                            David Hasselhoff's daughter Hayley celebrates her curves in a sexy lingerie campaign
Hayley Hasselhoff (Source:Getty Images)

Even though Hayley Hasselhoff received a celebrity leg-up, thanks to her famous father David Hasselhoff, she has come into her own in the last few years to become one of most welcome faces in the UK.

Hayley, who has appeared on occasional fashion segments on 'This Morning' that was widely aimed at curvaceous beauties, as well as her appearance on ITV2’s 'Celebrity Showmance' where she came close to convincing people that she was dating 'Geordie Shore' star Kyle Christie, has also used her celebrity status to support the body positivity movement.

The blonde beauty is also working hard at enhancing her current star power and is taking the help of some stellar modeling campaigns for the job. And honestly, some of her latest collaborations are far from disappointing. The model recently teamed up with the lingerie brand Curvy Kate, fronting their #MyBodyVictory campaign.

Hayley got pretty candid about the #MyBodyVictory campaign, and even went on to share her personal account of body acceptance in a bid to inspire other women who still suffer from body-image issues in their daily life, reports the Daily Star.

Looking hot as always in a red lingerie piece from the brand's new Victory range, Hayley chose to open up about her involvement with the brand, “I’ve always been such a huge fan of Curvy Kate. I live in the Victory bra already, so it was a perfect fit for me. It is so important for us to get together and celebrate our bodies in a way that lingerie doesn’t have to be sexy, but it also can be empowering”.

The plus-size model also spoke about how she feels that loving her body “is so important” to her, as well as people around her. 

She said: “Being an influencer I want people to be inspired by my path, but be able to find their own journey. I never want someone to embody what I do. Or to think my path is theirs."

She later added, "I want them to find inspiration from my path and figure out who they are. My job allows me to celebrate my body. I’m reminded by the people I work with or the job I’m presented with of why loving my body is so important and how it all starts with me."

Along with sharing some immensely inspiring accounts from her own personal life, Hayley also posed for some amazingly hot pictures for the brand's #MyBodyVictory campaign, donning a red Victory bra and matching knickers, which showed off her sexy curves in all their glory. “If I don’t believe what I am preaching, I shouldn’t have this job.”

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