EXCLUSIVE | David Guetta says pop music is hardest to pull off as he spills secrets on ‘Let’s Love’ with Sia

David Guetta revealed exclusively to MEAWW how anxious he was to produce a song filled with love and hope

                            EXCLUSIVE | David Guetta says pop music is hardest to pull off as he spills secrets on ‘Let’s Love’ with Sia
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David Guetta and Sia first teamed up for their global smashing hit ‘Titanium’ nine years ago and it brought a new wave of EDM-Pop crossover into the world of music. Switch to 2020 and we are amid a global pandemic. Keeping this in mind, the French producer and DJ again joined hands with her frequent collaborator Sia to drop a new song full of love and hope aptly titled ‘Let’s Love.’

To discuss his new release, we spoke to David Guetta in an exclusive interview. ‘Let’s Love’ talks about love, hope and overcoming obstacles. So, we asked him at what point during the lockdown did he actually think that he needed to make a song like this. The 51-year-old told MEA Worldwide (MEAWW), “We sat for this song in early March. It basically happened when I was in Miami and when the lockdown started, we realized that this was very real. We had to actually sit in our homes and that was crazy.”

Guetta continued, “I started watching the news and the situation was terrible everywhere and I was wondering what is happening to the world. And, for me it turned out to be a great source of inspiration. I wanted to make people feel good instead of making them feel terrible with just any other song.” He concluded, “Let’s give people a nice moment, let’s make them happy and celebrate life and universal love. We are one world and we are going to get through this together and that’s how the idea of ‘Let’s Love’ was born.

The 80’s inspired synth-wave track is a follow-up of their 2018 single ‘Flames.’ The track includes powerful vocals from Sia. The lyrics of the song goes like, “So take my hand, don’t be afraid/ This too shall pass/ This too shall pass.”

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We asked the ‘Hey Mama’ hit-maker how challenging was it for him to make a song full of hope and love since he produces a lot of club bangers and party numbers and how badly he wanted to make it right. He asserted, “Yes, I was a bit anxious because I do have a lot of dance numbers to my credit and I am a DJ first and dance music is everything to me. But having said that, a lot of people feel it is a lot easier to make pop music whereas, in reality, pop music is the hardest to produce. If you want to make cheesy pop music, that’s pretty easy but it is extremely difficult if you want to make cool pop music."

Guetta further said, “It is always a challenge especially when you try not to make songs with a formula and in this case (referring to his new song ‘Let’s Love’) I really went into details. I also got a few musicians and played the baseline on the snyth. We had a real bass player to take care of that. And, we also roped-in guitar players and interestingly, everything was done through the Internet.”

We really hope David and Sia’s new single ‘Let’s Love’ proves to be a massive hit just like their previous bangers ‘Titanium’, ‘Flames’, ‘She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)’ and ‘Bang My Head’. Earlier this year, the award-winning producer raised more than $1.5M for Covid-19 relief with his ‘United At Home’ charity live-stream events in Miami in April and New York City in May.

You can check out the official lyrical video of ‘Let’s Love’ right here:


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