David Eason teases fans by claiming wife Jenelle Evans is 13 weeks pregnant

David Eason has thrown fans into uncertainty after claiming on Facebook that his wife, Jenelle Evans, is 13 weeks pregnant, and it might just be a girl.

                            David Eason teases fans by claiming wife Jenelle Evans is 13 weeks pregnant
Jenelle Evans (Source:Getty Images)

David Eason and Jenelle Evans are quite reputed for making bizarre headlines with homophobic tweets and pulling out guns in road rage incidents; now they once again make it to the top of the news after Eason teased online about his wife's pregnancy. 

On July 4, David Eason wrote on Facebook that his wife has a bun in the oven for the third time, leaving fans to speculate if Evans is actually pregnant. Following a live video which Eason shared on Instagram amid Evans' custody battle with ex Nathan Griffith's mother, Doris Davidson, fans pointed out that Evans certainly looked like she has a baby bump. When a fan commented, "Guess that cat is outta the bag now. Jenelle Evans is pregnant," Eason playfully replied by saying that she is 13 weeks into her pregnancy. He then followed up commenting, "Dang busted...it's a girl."

However, it seems like the 'Teen Mom 2' star's husband had been going with the prank for quite some time. US Weekly confirmed it was just a joke as they spoke to Jenelle's rep who informed, "David was definitely being sarcastic...Jenelle has an IUD birth control and is 100 percent not pregnant.” Some of the fans also were not willing to take what Eason had to say and were quite convinced that he was just joking around. A fan commented, "Guys it's a joke," while another noted that Eason "100 percent being sarcastic." Probably Eason was just being funny to cheer up his wife who had been troubled after her ex refused to return Kaiser claiming that Jenelle and he were indulging in abusive parenthood. 

Doris was allegedly keeping Kaiser away from Jenelle, although she was trying to go the extra mile to get her son back. Jenelle has already lost custody of her elder son, Jace, who is being raised by her mother Barbara Evans. The 'Teen Mom 2' star also received quite a backlash from her fans when she reportedly took Kaiser to a daycare on his birthday. However, some fans have spoken in the mother's favor claiming that children prefer spending their birthdays with other kids of their age. She had dropped off Kaiser at her ex-husband's place after the visit to the daycare so that he could spend the weekend with Doris and Nathan.

However, Doris took a turn and refused to return the child to his mother claiming that he has been physically abused. Doris had found some bruises on Kaiser's body which led her on to come to the conclusion that Eason was being an abusive father. Nathan began making calls on 911 to report abuse against the child and told Eason that there would soon be a warrant against him. The Department of Social Services soon launched an investigation on the case only to find out that the child wasn't really being abused by his step-father. Both David Eason and Jenelle Evans managed to convince the DSS that the boy got injured while playing on a boat. 

Jenelle then arrived at her former husband's place with police escort to take back Kaiser. She, however, does not have a reputation which might qualify her as a great mom. Reportedly, Child Protection Services have been called to Jenelle's house almost 20 times in less than a year, and according to what The Hollywood Gossip has learned her eldest son Jace has already claimed that his mom isn't really much into this whole "being a parent" thing. Although Evans has tried several times to regain custody over the years, it seems more certain after 'Teen Mom 2' that Jace will stay with Barbara until of course, he leaves for college.  

While Evans has not yet confirmed her pregnancy on social media, fans are eagerly waiting for her to make the big announcement (if she is expecting). Her last post was about the Fourth of July celebration with David Eason where the star is seen showing off her slim figure in a white bikini with a post caption, "You make it easy, lovin’ up on you.” 💏 #ToTheMoonAndBack." Fans could not get over the rumor of her pregnancy, and pinned her down with questions like "Are you pregnant again? If so congratulations!" to which another user replied, "she's not pregnant."