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David Cross "storms off" in middle of an interview with Stephen Colbert and was found crying backstage

The stand-up comedian did not have a great interview with Colbert. He stormed out in the middle of it after the host insulted him on TV.
UPDATED FEB 24, 2020
David Cross (Getty Images)
David Cross (Getty Images)

David Cross did not have a great interview with Stephen Colbert and stormed out in the middle of it after the host insulted him on TV. Colbert was forced to run after his guest whom he found crying backstage to convince him to come back. 

While the drama was entertaining, it could be that the whole situation was staged by the two comedians. From the start of the interview, there were several clues about how it could have been planned.

A suspicious Colbert mused that he had never interviewed Cross before, before recalling that he was the second person he ever interviewed. 

Colbert even had a photograph of the time when the two men first spoke and interviewed together. 

Cross went on to briefly point out how they had shared an office in the writer's room for the Dana Carvey sketch show.

Things went downhill after Cross asked Colbert whether he remembered any of his writing. "Yeah! Did you write the James And The Giant Peach sketch, with Steve O'Donnell?" asked Colbert.  

To which Cross replied by saying "No", to which Colbert said, "That was Spike Feresten then". "Okay great. Well f***ing get him here, This is bulls***" Cross retorted before storming off stage. 

Colbert had to run after Cross and beckoned a cameraman to follow him backstage where he found David Cross crying in a hallway.

"Look... I remember I was intimidated by you back then," Stephen said in the hope to comfort and console his guest. "If anything, what I remember is just hoping you would think anything I said was funny, and the fact that you remembered something I said and thought it was funny means a lot to me," Stephen added. 

"And I just want to say that everything I’ve ever seen you do — with the exception of the guy in Men In Black — was really funny. Everything else was funny.... everything," Colbert continued. 

The two shared a very awkward hug before Cross agreed to return to the stage. Within 24 hours of the video being posted, the interview received over 1.2 million views on YouTube and also become #2 on trending videos.