David Breaux: California man known as 'compassion guy' in his community stabbed to death in brutal attack

David Breaux: California man known as 'compassion guy' in his community stabbed to death in brutal attack
David Breaux's community in downtown Davis praised him for his selflessness (CBS Sacramento)

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA: A California man known as the "compassion guy" in his community was fatally stabbed in a violent attack in a park in downtown Davis. A passerby found David Breaux lying dead in Central Park and then notified the police.


The incident reportedly took place on Thursday, April 27 at 11.20 am, according to authorities who said the slain man suffered multiple stab injuries and described the attack as senseless. As of Friday, April 28, the investigators had no suspects in the case. The official cause of death is yet to be determined by the Yolo County Coroner's Office and the detectives, reported Law and Crime.


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Officers continue patrolling in the downtown area

Following the violent attack, officers stated that "additional officers will be deployed on bike and foot patrol in the downtown corridor and Central Park areas to ensure a visible public safety presence. We realize it is difficult and disturbing when crimes of this nature occur in our community, especially in a public space that many consider to be the heart of our downtown area and City."


"The Department would like to assure the public that all available resources will be used to ensure the safety of our community," said the police.

Breaux's 'weekly gathering in the name of truth'

According to the Davis Enterprise, the victim held a "weekly gathering in the name of truth," and one of the gatherings was set to take place on the day he was murdered. On his Facebook page, Breaux wrote, "Secular, without dogma," and added, "A message emphasizing love and compassion. Without teaching or socializing. A simple pointing to alleviate the illusory nature of suffering and coming home to the essential. All are welcome."

On his fundraising page, Breaux sought for people to come up and share their idea of compassion during the Covid outbreak and asked them to record their answers in a notebook and also to capture them on video. With over 3,000 written responses, he self-published a book in 2011. "I do so as a lifelong endeavor to bring awareness to compassion. I’ve done interviews, been the subject of documentaries, and am present as a ‘street therapist’ for those who seek guidance," he said.

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 David Breaux: California man known as 'compassion guy' in his community stabbed to death