David Beckham trolled again for kissing 7-year-old daughter Harper on the lips in adorable picture

The footballer shared a picture of him and his daughter ice-skating, while he innocently shared a kiss with his 7-year-old. People soon took to telling him it was 'wrong' to do so.

                            David Beckham trolled again for kissing 7-year-old daughter Harper on the lips in adorable picture

It seems some people want to have a huge say in how others raise their children and how they express their affection. Celebrities especially are easy targets for such critics. Enjoying the holiday season, David Beckham took his daughter Harper ice-skating in London and shared an adorable snap of him kissing his 7-year-old. 

The footballer took to Instagram to share the sweet moment with his fans. In the picture, the 43-year-old can be seen wearing an orange scarf and hiding his famed hair under a flat cap, as he leaned in for a kiss with Harper, who wore a red coat with a fur hood. The image was captioned: “Christmas is coming. Let’s go skate” along with a father Christmas emoji. On his Instagram story, he put up a video of Harper enjoying herself on the ice rink. 


Beckham's innocent picture received quite a lot of criticism in the comments section, reports Daily Mail. People were not happy that the star was kissing his daughter on the lips and termed it "wrong". One person commented saying, 'I don’t care what anyone says if a dad kisses a child on the lips it’s completely wrong smd," another one wrote, "She's your daughter. .why are you kissing on her lips..?..that's ur wife kiss...', while a third shared, 'I feel like a kiss on the cheek is better than that n the lips. The lips is just weird."

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While the trolls had a lot to say, Beckham's loyal fans swiftly came to his defense. "It's a beautiful photo of a loving father. Why do people have to ruin something so innocent," one fan commented. Another one said, "This is sooo beautiful and sweet. I am almost 30 and usually kiss my parents and my closest friends on the lips... To all the haters.. If you don't like it, just don't comment...the "anonimity" of the internet doesn't give you a permission to be rude to a celebrity that decides to share part of his/her personal life with you." "I hope you have a big delete button for all the haters on here. Honestly folks go get a life," another fan shared.

Beckham has been criticized in the past for sharing pictures of him kissing his young daughter on the lips but he has defended his actions saying, "I kiss all my kids on the lips. Brooklyn maybe not. Brooklyn is 18, so he might find that a little strange, but I'm very affectionate with the kids." The former England captain continued: "It's how I was brought up - and Victoria - and it's how we are with our children. We want to show our kids love and we protect them, look after them and support them."

Beckham also has sons Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16 and Cruz, 13, but he's admitted that his relationship with his daughter is different. In an interview, David said, "I’m a softie, I know I’m slightly stricter with the boys than I am with Harper. To be honest, the boys rib me about it all the time, Victoria ribs me about it all the time.” He also revealed how Harper enjoys playing football in her free time and might actually follow in his footsteps, “She plays on a Sunday, she enjoys it, because none of the boys play anymore apart from at school, so maybe it is going to be my daughter.”