Who is Dave Grossman? Enforcement trainer tells cops sex after killing a human 'is best sex' in shocking video

Grossman is a proponent of the idea of 'killology', which aims to reduce any law enforcement officer's psychological inhibition to kill a suspect

                            Who is Dave Grossman? Enforcement trainer tells cops sex after killing a human 'is best sex' in shocking video
Dave Grossman has written a number of books on killing (Facebook/Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

A video featuring author and leading enforcement trainer Dave Grossman is being widely circulated online for the shocking nature of his speech. In the clip, which is believed to be from a police training session, Grossman can be heard saying, "Killing is just not that big a deal." He goes on to add that cops can experience 'the best sex' and 'very intense sex' after killing another human. Grossman's video has outraged social media users in the wake of rising instances of police brutality in the US. 

The Army veteran had been criticized in the past as well for his views on violence, aggression, close combat, and the psychology of killing. He has even authored bestseller books on these topics, which are mandated in the reading list of FBI Academy and many other law enforcement training academies. According to a 2017 article in Mother Jones, Grossman spent over two decades training soldiers how to kill more efficiently.


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Who is Dave Grossman?

Lt Col Dave Grossman is a US Army Ranger, a paratrooper, and a former West Point Psychology Professor, according to his research group Killology. The retired Army colonel has specialized in the study of the effects of killing on the human psyche. 

Born on August 23, 1956, in Frankfurt, Germany, Grossman is believed to have moved to the US at some point in his early life.

In 1998, he retired from the US Army and started working as a trainer for military, law enforcement, mental health providers, and school safety organizations. He has been on the road for almost 300 days a year for nearly two decades, conducting these training sessions across the country.


The idea of 'killology' is his brainchild, which aims to reduce any law enforcement officer's psychological inhibition to kill a criminal suspect. Through his Killology Research Group, Grossman educates police officers and soldiers about improving their tactics in lethal encounters.

His books, 'On Killing' and 'On Combat', had been criticized by Robert Engen for having "too many problems with their interpretation" despite starting off with excellent points. Alongside, Dave Grossman is also an advocate against civilian violence in society as he has spoken about ways to reduce the occurrence of school shootings. With renewed conversation around police brutality following the death of George Floyd in 2020, Grossman's ideas have received backlash for encouraging unnecessary use of force.


'This dude is f**king sick'

Twitter users have vehemently slammed Dave Grossman after the 42-second video clip from one of his lectures went viral. "Grossman was huuuge when I was in. Rockstar reception among cops and military, huge influence on young cops, teaching them to want to kill, teaching them that desiring non-lethal outcomes is "sheep behavior." When you see a cop kill a kid, Dave Grossman is the voice in their head," a Twitter user shared.

"Dave Grossman has been advising police and the military for decades now. This dude is f***ing sick. You can't reform this," another user tweeted. One user said, "Why are their names always so fitting? "Dave Grossman" Ugh. I knew police training was barbaric but I never expected this," while another added, "Now we know what is wrong with policing in the United States: Dave Grossman."





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