Dave Grohl leaves the most rock n roll bartip ever

When the band visited the Raibow Bar & Grill in Hollywood after their recent surprise gig in LA, frontman Dave Grohl decided to have some fun with the bill.

                            Dave Grohl leaves the most rock n roll bartip ever

Dave Grohl is definitely fun after a few drinks! He also apparently tips up to 100% of the bill amount! The Foo Fighters frontman recently performed a surprise show in LA for a pop-up gig along with the rest of the band as a promo for Cal Jam 2018. 

As NME points out, the band reportedly paid a visit to Hollywood’s legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Blvd after the gig, where Grohl was apparently left with the bill after an evening of revelry. Coincidentally, the Bill amount for the drinks came up to $333.30. Not wanting to let the opportunity slide, Grohl left a generous tip of another $333 to round the figure of to 666, which as all rock fans know, is the Number of the Beast.  A copy of the receipt emerged on Facebook, before fans shared it across Twitter. Check it out below.


Interestingly, even half the 'Number of the Beast', the number 333, holds special significance in rock history. '3:33' is referred to as "Dime Time", in reference to late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell. In fact, when his brother, Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul passed away earlier this June, a memorial concert was announced for Vinnie at the Bomb Factory in Dallas at 3.33 CST.

This isn’t the first occasion Grohl’s left a massive tip. Back in 2012, The Philadelphia Enquirer reported that he laid down a humble $1000 tip, for every night he frequented the Smith & Wollensky bar at the Rittenhouse Hotel.

As we reported earlier, the surprise LA pop up gig mentioned above  included a string of less popular Foo hits, which Dave Grohl descirbed as "Foo Fighters nerd heaven" and also featured a cameo by Queen drummer Roger Taylor, who joined Foos drummer Taylor Hawkins to perform a brilliant rendition of 'Under Pressure'. Relive the performance below: