'Dark' Season 3: Unknown leaves fans terrified and in awe of his role in Winden's colossal time-traveling mess

Unknown has a striking cleft lip and appears in a set of three: a boy, an adult man and an older man, all of whom have one mission

                            'Dark' Season 3: Unknown leaves fans terrified and in awe of his role in Winden's colossal time-traveling mess
Jakob Diehl as Adult Unknown (Netflix)

Spoilers for Netflix's 'Dark'

The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

Everything on Netflix's hit German show 'Dark' is interconnected — there is no beginning and no end to most things. With the show's final season, all stray ties are satisfactorily concluded — every question, every query you have had over the course of the two seasons are answered in the most mind-bending finale in television history ever. A story that began with the mysterious disappearances of children in the small German town of Winden eventually becomes one that went beyond time and space, fusing genres. At the heart of it all is a strange presence — the Unknown. Unknown has a striking cleft lip and appears in a set of three: a boy played by Claude Heinrich, an adult played by Jakob Diehl and the older version played by Hans Diehl.

At the center of the massive, incestuous family tree of Winden, Unknown travels through time and space, moving in between worlds and putting all the pieces just in the right place for the cycle to never break. And often resorting to violent ways. It is Unknown who kills Bernd Doppler (Michael Mendl) in his manor house and takes the master key of the nuclear plant from him, later on causing the accident of 1986, which creates the God Particle. It is also revealed that Unknown is the author of the leather notebook that details all the occurrences in Winden.

This is not all. He is at the center of it all. Agnes (Helena Pieske) conceives Tronte with Unknown in both the worlds. Tronte is Ulrich's father, who is Martha's (Lisa Vicari) father and Jonas' grandfather. And Martha and Jonas are Unknown's parents. The bond is inseparable and unbreakable. Eva (Barbara Nüsse) moves times, realities, worlds and space to keep her son Unknown alive. If the cycle is broken, he dies. 

The secret role that Unknown played in this saga wasn't revealed till the very end. Terrifying scenes bring forth the truth with brutal force. And it has left the audience in awe. "The trio was more terrifying than cool and I wanted to know more about their life," a fan said. "They had this creepy vibe, But they cool," concurred another. "The kid was way creepier than the other two lol," said a fan. "Little s**t mad af pointing guns and threatening people," added another. "When he first talked to Bernd I was cracking up at his high voice and his demands. What a great scene," said another.  

Claude Heinrich as Young Unknown (Netflix)

Heinrich has made a lasting impression on all fans. "That little kid is probably the scariest character of the whole series..." Considering that crucial role he played in the series, fans can't help but think why he wasn't named at all. "Eva had such motherly love for him that he didn't even get a name. Wowwww," said a fan. But the answer lies in the show's biblical references. "Remember the interpretations... Martha's child is the forbidden child. Adam and Eve and their forbidden act which sent them to earth. By reaching out to what? The 'Unknown' fruit. It is unnamed by purpose," explained a fan. 

All episodes of 'Dark' are currently streaming on Netflix. 

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