Who is Danny Chalet? Antonio Brown seen with NJ driver after EPIC meltdown at Bucs game

Who is Danny Chalet? Antonio Brown seen with NJ driver after EPIC meltdown at Bucs game
Antonio Brown seen smiling in the back of N.J. driver Danny Chalet's car (Fox, Instagram)

Antonio Brown was seemingly unconcerned about blowing her career with the Buccaneers as he was seen smiling in the backseat of a New Jersey driver's car, just hours after Brown stripped shirtless and angrily walked off the field during Tampa Bay’s win over the Jets. 

Instead of taking an Uber drive from MetLife Stadium, where his sideline meltdown moment went down on Sunday, December 2, Brown chose to avail a chauffeur who has catered to some of the NFL’s biggest stars. On a post to the chauffeur’s Instagram story, the 33-year-old receiver was seen smiling. The driver in question was Danny Chalet from New Jersey -- a Bloomfield native whose clientele includes Odell Beckham Jr, Saquon Barkley, Jamal Adams, Brooks Koepka, and others. He posted a photo of himself on FaceTime with Brown requesting a ride. “When my brother call me I’m there…” Chalet wrote. “You know how I’m coming..”


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He’s then seen in a series of videos with Brown, including one with the athlete on his phone smiling in the back of Chalet’s car, all of them in New York. In one of the videos, Brown is seen smiling from the backseat of the car. In another video, they are seen in some sort of a dimly lit arena as both of them talk to the camera.



'That driver related to Michael Rappaport?'

In his first comments since the incident, Brown posted a photo of him in a Buccaneers jersey to his Instagram account with the caption, "(Big MAD (Making a Difference) Thanks for the opportunity.” Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians told Fox Sports that Brown refused to enter the game when he asked him to before storming off. "He is no longer a Buc, alright? That's the end of the story," Arians added in a postgame interview.


The videos were uploaded on Twitter too, where they went viral. While there were reactions to Brown's mental health, others also hilariously trolled Chalet. "If it truly is a mental health issue I hope he gets help," one of them said, while another commented, "This gets wilder and wilder - he riding around NYC with Seth Rogan driving an Uber." A third wrote, "This guy dropped off AB... Picked up and white dude and completely changed his tone. 'Good evening sir how are you today.'"

The next remarked, "AB going down in history we’ve never seen anything like this." One more quipped, "A NFL player with advanced, undiagnosed CTE? Sure we have." One more noted, "Uber driver: I hope you had a great ride Antonio Brown: Aye bruh I'm not tipping just to let you know! Uber Driver:" A commenter tweeted, "That driver related to Michael Rappaport?" A person reacted with, "AB is like one of those annoying black people talking on their speaker phone in the mall...."
















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