Comedian Daniel Tosh hid his marriage for two years! here's what we know about his wife Carly Hallam Tosh

Comedian Daniel Tosh hid his marriage for two years! here's what we know about his wife Carly Hallam Tosh
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Some things are easy to hide from the press but hiding an entire marriage for two whole years takes great skill. We’ve got to hand it comedian Daniel Tosh, 43, for keeping his marriage with Carly Hallam, a 'Tosh.0' writer, since 2016. According to TMZ, the two tied the knot in a private ceremony back in 2016 in Malibu, California. Carly, 31, has been a writer for the hit Comedy Central show Tosh.0 since 2012. She also writes for the hit show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ She is even a part of the Writers Guild of America and is originally from Florida. Despite the fact that both Carly and Daniel are extremely active on social media, there was almost no evidence of the couple’s romance.

Though their social media is not helpful in drawing a good picture of their relationship, we’ve gathered all that you need to know about the couple’s covert relationship courtesy of Heavy.

First, Daniel is over a decade older than Carly. Daniel is 43 and Carly is 31. When they started dating has not been uncovered just as yet. But one thing is clear, Carly was 25 when she commenced her career as a writer for Tosh.0, and she was 29 when the couple got married secretly in 2016.

Second, Carly writes for the hit comedy crime show ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ Carly has been listed as a writer for four episodes, a story editor for 24 episodes and an executive story editor for 7 episodes for the show that was canceled and then renewed due to popular demand. What is even more interesting is that Carly’s full name is stated as Carly Hallam Tosh in IMDB’s listing for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’ It’s a miracle that the couple managed to hide their wedding for so long. Apart from television writing, Carly has also dipped her feet into cheeky fashion pieces namely ‘how to wear a little black dress’ for the website McSweeney’s.

Third, Carly also happens to have some acting experience up her sleeve. She has been seen in a couple of episodes of Tosh.0, and she played a small role in the 2010 film ‘New Low.’ But of course, the primary focus is writing, for her website only highlights her writing experience.

Fourth, now that TMZ has reported Daniel and Carly are married, rumors that Daniel may be gay can finally be put to rest. The rumors started when Daniel spoke about bizarre arguments people have made against legalizing gay marriage. 

Fifth, Carly extremely sarcastic and humorous on social media. This is not all that surprising considering she writes for comedy shows. Her public Twitter has a grand total of 12,000 followers. She once tweeted, “Would you like a printed receipt or would you like us to email you 3-5 times a week for the rest of your life?” In another tweet, she wrote: “The world is your oyster so forcibly remove it from its home, pry it open with a knife, cover that shit in Tabasco, and swallow it whole.” It makes perfect sense that the two are together, for their humor is incredibly similar.

Though we’re a little late, we wish the happy couple a wonderful married life!

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