Who is Daniel Knigin? Anna Shpilberg's son raises $41K on GoFundMe after NJ prison officer boyfriend kills her

People from within the community are coming together to help Daniel Knigin, a 15-year-old boy whose mother was fatally shot by her boyfriend for not answering his calls

                            Who is Daniel Knigin? Anna Shpilberg's son raises $41K on GoFundMe after NJ prison officer boyfriend kills her
Daniel Knigin has always been close to his mother Anna Shpilberg and shared a special bond with her (GoFundMe)

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY: A few days ago, a man named John Menendez was taken into custody for fatally shooting his girlfriend for not answering his calls, while on a vacation with her best friend. Menendez, a 23-year-old corrections officer from New Jersey, was charged with two counts of murder and weapons offenses in the brutal killings, according to court documents.

The incident took place on Tuesday, February 16, in Newark. Anna and Luiza had just returned home from their vacation and Menendez arrived at the Newark Airport to pick them up, per the law enforcement authorities. The cops received the reports of a shooting near Newark Liberty International Airport.


Who is John Menendez? New Jersey corrections officer kills girlfriend and her friend for not answering his calls 

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The alleged killer confessed to the police that he indeed killed his girlfriend Anna Shpilberg and her friend Luiza Shinkarevskaya without showing any remorse whatsoever.

Anna, the 40-year-old resident of Randolph, came to the US as children from their birthplace Ukraine. She worked as a dental hygienist and has a 15-year-old son named Daniel Knigin. Knigin has always been close to his mother and shared a special bond with her. He wanted to have an amazing life with her while living in Randolph, but the untimely demise of his mother has shaken him completely.

Anna Shpilberg (National Gun Violence Memorial)

We all know how difficult it can be for a child to live without his mother and words cannot describe Knigin’s grief right now. Since the news of Shpilberg’s death surfaced online, people have been thinking of how they can help the 15-year-old boy from Randolph. But it seems, they have finally found a way.

Charles Smith and Debra Price have started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to ensure that Knigin will continue to be supported through his college years and future education.

People come together to help Daniel

‘The Daniel Knigin College Fund’ has been established by Smith and Price on the official GoFundMe website, which will help Knigin in his future endeavors. The amount raised through the fundraiser will also assist him in getting through his college years and further studies.

The official synopsis of the fundraiser states: “His future is uncertain but his main wish is to continue his life in Randolph, the only home he knows, surrounded by his friends, classmates, and neighbors.”

The fund has been established to help with the cost of Daniel’s living expenses and education. As of late, $40,240 has been raised through the fundraiser and it continues to receive more donations from a plethora of people with good souls. More than 460 people have donated to the fundraiser and the numbers continue to increase minute after minute.

The Daniel Knigin College Fund [GoFundMe]

The fundraiser intends to raise $100,000 for the 15-year-old, which will help him in getting a secured future. Apart from raising money, the donors are also sending their condolences to Knigin, telling him to stay strong for his mother.

What happened after the shooting? 

According to the court documents, Menendez walked up to a police officer sitting in his patrol car and said, “I killed both of them. Just arrest me, bro.” The accused is imprisoned at Essex County Jail and a court date has not been set, as of now.

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