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Daniel Campbell gets 90 days in prison for hit-and-run death of Devesh Samtani following family's protest

Initially, Daniel Campbell was only given six months of community service in lieu of prison time
Driver Daniel Campbell fled the scene after hitting Devesh 'Devu' Samtani (News 12 screenshot/ YouTube, Legacy Of Devesh/Facebook)
Driver Daniel Campbell fled the scene after hitting Devesh 'Devu' Samtani (News 12 screenshot/ YouTube, Legacy Of Devesh/Facebook)

Warning: This content contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers' discretion is advised.

THE HAMPTONS, NEW YORK: Daniel Campbell, the hit-and-run driver who killed 18-year-old Devesh Devu Samtani, has been sentenced to 90 days in prison along with 450 hours of community service and five years' probation on Thursday, November 3. The incident occurred on August 10, 2021, at Old Stone Highway in Amagansett, when 18-year-old Devesh and his cousin, Kabir Kurani, were walking along the road. Daniel Mowed him down and fled the scene. 

Devesh was thrown six feet into the air after he was struck by the vehicle. There were nine other people in the car, while Daniel was behind the wheel. The sentencing comes after a huge protest from Samtani's parents. Initially, Daniel was only given six months of community service in lieu of prison time when he pleaded guilty on August 5 to a single felony charge, reported DailyMail.


Daniel Campbell: 20-yr-old driving 'MENACE' had mutiple traffic violations before he killed Devesh Samtani

Family of teen killed in hit-and-run furious after driver, 20, AVOIDS jail in plea deal

The culprit, whose mother is a boutique owner in Montauk and father an SVP at a luxury furnishings store, spoke to the victim's family. He said, "The night of the accident was a terrible tragedy. My lawyers told me not to speak for one year but, I wish I could've met with the family to tell them how sorry I was for ruining all of their lives. I am sorry for all the pain and devastation." He added, "I wish I could have gone to Stony Brook Hospital to see your son. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about the agony you have gone through. I wish I did not panic."


Later, he stated, "I would give everything to change that night and to change the outcome. I prayed every single night when he was in the hospital. You showed me what a beautiful son he was. I know the loss [will] be with you forever. I know you may never forgive me but know how remorseful and sorry I am. I am sorry guys." However, Daniel has a history of illegal behavior when it comes to driving. 


According to Daily Mail, Daniel had an array of previous traffic offenses, including speeding tickets, a suspended license, and causing a head-on collision. He was involved in at least two horrible crashes before the incident that killed Devesh. This includes a February 2021 crash when he drove down a one-way street in White Plains, New York, in the wrong direction. In another accident, Daniel was slapped with six points over a June 2021 speeding offense in the Bronx. His driving history entails multiple violations, including eight points off his license in less than a year.


Daniel could have easily gotten off with community service as his punishment, but the protests from Devesh's family ultimately led to the sentencing. Back when Suffolk County Judge Richard Ambro said that Daniel would serve zero prison time and instead complete community service and five years probation, his cousin Kurani said, "He killed my cousin. I am angry. I am devastated that Campbell may face no real consequences for his actions, while my family will face the loss of Devu for the rest of our lives."


Devesh's mother, Mala said, "It's not just my youngest son Devu that has been killed, but my whole family has been shattered. We are lost and it has impacted us in a very deep way. It's painful and shocking to think that Daniel Campbell will never serve jail time for his crime, as it portrays that my son’s life did not matter. He appeared to have no empathy, remorse, and humanity to help my child. Had the witness not taken a picture of his license plate, we would have never known who had killed my son Devu." His father Kishore Samtani said, "We are asking for at least six months so the boy can think about what his actions cost our whole family."