Dani Fernandez on sliding into DMs, her show 'Live from WZRD' and her love for Lizzo

Dani Fernandez on sliding into DMs, her show 'Live from WZRD' and her love for Lizzo

For those of you tired of picture-perfect talk shows, here's something that makes the box look like a circle. Dani Fernandez's 'Live from WZRD', is a talk show that comes out of a magic college — East Gatewood Wizarding Community College that keeps its students and faculty up-to-date while educating the real world on the day-to-day lives of actual wizards, breaking the old Hollywood myths about wizardry and getting real. 

The show features on-set segments with celebrity guests and characters from around the school, as well as behind-the-scenes drama, with Mike and Dani finding themselves entangled in dangerous situations in the magical realm of East Gatewood. Fernandez, who plays herself in the series says that it's the kind of show that sparks one's imagination. "Expect a lot of absurdnesses," she tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW). "The show doesn’t take itself seriously and I love that about it. We have a talking dog as the dean and famous comedians coming on to play alumni. We definitely wanted the show to feel just as wild as magic is."

Actor Dani Fernandez attends the World Premiere of Disney's 'RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET' at the El Capitan Theatre on November 5, 2018, in Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)

She plays a freshman wizard who just found out she is 1/8th magic and as such, is accepted to a Wizarding Community College. "She loves hosting and magic and is somewhat naïve and optimistic, which I truly enjoy getting to play. I feel she lives in a fantasy land away from some of real life's hardships. I like getting to clock out of real life and play in a magical world. I hope the audience feels the same way too," she says giving us insight into a character.

Very Hagrid meets Harry in 'Harry Potter in the Sorcerer's Stone', isn't it? However, you'd probably never hear Harry wanting a sassy popstar in Hogwarts. But, Dani, she has someone special as a guest on her show. "I would love to have Lizzo on for a musical episode. Her and Lin Manuel Miranda, who now follows me, so who knows. Maybe I will finally slide into someone's DMs (professionally to ask them to come on!)," she says cracking up. 

The show includes special guests like Yedoye Travis (stand-up comedian), Brandon Rogers (influencer), Baron Vaughn (stand-up comedian), Freddie Wong (influencer), ProZD (influencer), Rhea Butcher (stand-up comedian), Mamrie Hart (influencer), Grace Helbig (influencer), Travis Willingham (Critical Role) and more.

You can catch the entire season of 'Live from WZRD' on VRV and the finale on Thursday, May 9 at 9 am PT.

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