'Dancing With the Stars': Vernon's wig and outfit has fans saying he looks like he's 'out of a He-Man cartoon'

David failed to impress with his Tango as judges thought he was way too stiff and fans just couldn't get over his long-haired look

                            'Dancing With the Stars': Vernon's wig and outfit has fans saying he looks like he's 'out of a He-Man cartoon'

Superbowl champion Vernon Davis and his pro-dancer partner Peta returned in the latest episode of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to break out of their pattern by dancing to Tango. Davis admitted before their performance that Petais is “hard’ on him and also pushes him the right way. He carried a rather different look than what we have witnessed so far, clad in leopard print matching attire and long hair. 

Davis seemed as stiff as ever. It was evident from the expression on the judges’ faces that they weren’t completely convinced with the footballer’s performance. Bruno Tonioli tells Davis that he started off well but lost his leg movement as the dance progressed. He said Davis should have been more flexible during Tango. Meanwhile, Carrie Ann Inaba said he needs to stretch more, given his pro-dancer partner is petite before his huge frame. 

Derek Hough noted Davis strives in slow dances. He also added that Davis lacked the energy that’s much-needed for Tango. They acquired a total score of 21 from the three judges. One of the lowest so far. 

Similar to the judges, fans of the show and Davis had a similar opinion about his latest performance, and they took to Twitter to discuss what they liked or disliked the most about the Superbowl star’s Tango performance. 

Going by the majority of the tweets, it is clear that Davis’ look caught more attention than anything else on today’s (October 12) episode. One fan wrote, "Vernon Davis and this wig though. #dwts." Another added, "Vernon Davis is doing a tango to 'Livin on a Prayer' and he's wearing leopard pants. It has a complete 'Rock of Ages' vibe. #DWTS". One noted, "Vernon Davis really just let @DancingABC put a wig on his head," while adding to the previous tweet another said, "Vernon Davis looks like Rick James in that wig. #dwts 





However, not all were equally impressed with Davis' look for the night as some Twitter users blatantly trolled him. One tweeted, "#DWTS OMG Send Vernon Davis home. This is horrible. He looks like something out of a He Man Cartoon. LOL! Clump! Clump!" While another added, "@VernonDavis85 on #DWTS looking like that girl we all went to school with... the hood one that can fight fight #vernondavis."



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