'Dancing With The Stars': Will Tyra Banks host the next season? Here's why one can expect her return

Tyra Banks has been receiving a lot of heat for her hosting skills on the show, but there is a high chance she will be back

                            'Dancing With The Stars': Will Tyra Banks host the next season? Here's why one can expect her return
Model Tyra Banks (Getty Images)

Tom Bergeron was the star of 'Dancing With The Stars' as the host mesmerized people with his skill to keep the audience interested. However, things changed in the latest season of the show when ABC revealed Tyra Banks will replace Bergeron. The news shocked Bergeron and thousands of others who always tuned in to watch the show. 

Banks entry as the new host was not accepted by many. Viewers were quick to criticize her as she continued to host the show. Many pointed fingers at the dress she wore, complained about her rushing the judges, while others thought she was making the show all about her by doing a ramp walk every time she came to the stage. However, the list of complaints against Banks was way more than this. During the show, Banks also struggled with words as she went on to announce the wrong teams in the bottom two. Fans did not show her any mercy and were quick to rip her apart with words on social media.

Banks even addressed this criticism. She acknowledged how the shoes of Bergeron were hard to fill while adding that she would never give up. Banks added she has been criticized for a long time in her life, and this was nothing compared to what she had faced in life. She even mocked the haters by continuing to have costume changes throughout the show. With the season finale of the show airing on November 23, fans have been wondering if Banks would be back for another season as the host. While there is no confirmation made by ABC, chances her that the reality star would be making a return.

When Banks signed the contract to host the show, she also put on her executive producer hats once again. Banks had confirmed she would be wearing her producer and host hats on the show. Since Banks is already working on the show, the chances of ABC biding her goodbye are highly unlikely. 

With only five contestants left in the finale, fans are already gearing up for the next episode. Can Banks redeem herself in the season finale though?

'Dancing With The Stars' season finale will air on Monday, November 23 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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