'Dancing With The Stars': Why does Tyra Banks have so many costumes changes? Fans say 'it's not about you'

Fans have some questions about Tyra Banks having a costume change after a couple of performances and many aren't too impressed with her looks either

                            'Dancing With The Stars': Why does Tyra Banks have so many costumes changes? Fans say 'it's not about you'
Tyra Banks (ABC)

Tyra Banks has been in the news ever since she was announced as the host for 'Dancing With The Stars'. Tom Bergeron had been the face of the show for a long time and seeing her take his place, fans were not happy to accept her. Even though Tyra knew that she had some large shoes to fill, the 'America's Got Talent' host had hoped that she would leave a mark on people. 

However, even before she came on the show, fans had expressed their dislike about her being the new host. Some of them started petitions to have her removed and bring Bergeron back into the show. Meanwhile, once the show premiered, Tyra did not manage to blow the viewers away. They were not happy with her hosting and her questioning the judges and the performers. 

Recently, she made a lot of news for the dresses she has been wearing. Fans were quick to poke fun at her costumes. In the latest episode (October 12), Tyra ended up having nearly three costume changes. When the show started, she was quick to hint that she was all set for a clap back by having many costume changes after people commented on her looks. 

While Tyra thought it would be a good idea, fans were not too pleased to watch her have a change of costume after a few performances. Some thought she was trying to be the center of attention while others thought her costume choices were not good. "I am SO OVER the costume changes for Tyra on #dwts IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! You are the host, not one of the Stars! Pick a gorgeous dress, wear it for two hours. Stop trying to pull focus!" wrote one user. 




"So making #DWTS better translates into letting the host have multiple costume changes - why does this remain the Tyra fashion show when it’s supposed to be about the dancers?" said another. "What is Tyra wearing? It looks like a Halloween costume and her arms look huge!" another commented on her outfits. 



"Another costume change for Tyra! And this look is... a Leprechaun costume? Just kidding," said another while one user questioned, "I'm just curious how much the budget is for Tyra's costumes and costume changes." 

'Dancing With The Stars' airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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