'Dancing With The Stars': Skai Jackson gets 26 for 'perfect' act, fans call judges out for 'bullsh*t' score

'Dancing With The Stars': Skai Jackson gets 26 for 'perfect' act, fans call judges out for 'bullsh*t' score
Skai and Alan (ABC)

Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten were having a hard time impressing the judges for the past few weeks. The pair struggled to get a good score and last week, Skai had received the lowest score. However, this week, the pair was all set to redeem themselves. With the theme of the latest episode (October 26) being 'Villains Night', Skai decided to become the bride of 'Chucky'. 

The Disney star admitted she is a lover of Haloween and everything scary. It was no surprise she was liking every bit of this week's theme. The pair decided to perform an Argentine Tango on Billie Eilish's hit song 'Everything I Wanted'. As soon as the song started, Skai embodied her character. Throughout the performance, she made sure her form was right and the character is intact. The judges were impressed and were pleased to see her back in the game.

Carrie Ann admitted it was wonderful to see Skai back in her form. She added that there were certain things that Skai could work on, but thought the overall performance was good. Derek Hough also thought Skai delivered a powerful performance by making sure she remembered all the dance moves. Bruno Tonioli also liked every bit of the dance but added she could improve a bit more when it comes to her form. Carrie Ann and Derek gave Skai a nine while Bruno gave her an eight. 

She got a total score of 26 out of 30. Skai was pleased to see the score after receiving sixes last week. However, her fans thought she deserved a perfect score of 10. "They judge better dancers more harshly and I think that's some BS. We all know Skai deserved 10's and now they over here judging Kaitlyn harshly knowing damn well her dance was the best!!!" read one comment.




Another added, "JUDGES...Why in the world did you not give Skai and Alan 10's?? You stated she had no mistakes, but you give her a 9?? Crazy! You gave Nev 10's and Skai 9's! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!" "Bullsh*t!!! Skai deserved a 10 tonight!!!!" wrote another. "Yea them judges are Bullshit they are throwing out 9’s & 10’s to everybody BUT SKAI JACKSON who can actually dance," read another. 




'Dancing With The Stars' airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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