'DWTS' Season 31: Jason Lewis slammed for 'awkward' performance, fans say 'he wasn't lying when he said he can't dance'

'DWTS' Season 31: Jason Lewis slammed for 'awkward' performance, fans say 'he wasn't lying when he said he can't dance'
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31 couple Jason Lewis and Peta Murgatroyd (Disney+)

'Sex and the City' star Jason Lewis stunned everyone on 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 31 with his charming look and eye-pleasing performance. Jason and his partner Peta Murgatroyd were dressed in pink. Even after giving their best, they only managed to get 5,4,4,5 marks, that is 18/40 in the premiere episode. 

While many fans were galvanized by Jason's manly look, some thought he was a bit nervous on the dance floor. Previously, Jason spilled the bean that if it would have been on him he would have never said yes to the show, considering it to be a reality show which is not his genre. However, his spouse, Liz Godwin convinced him to explore the dancing side of his. However, Jason does not consider himself to be a trained dancer. Fans took a toll on him claiming that he was "not lying when he said he can't dance."


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Fans slam Jason's performance, saying 'he has no rhythm'

Jason was too careful with Peta while dancing with her on the premiere episode of 'Dancing with the Stars'. However, his caring attitude seemed to look like he was a bit nervous. One of the fans took it to social media, to slam Jason, recalling his claim when he said he is not trained, and commented, "Jason Lewis was not lying when he said he can’t dance…his partner might as well have been dancing with a wood board." Well, critics also noticed how "awkward" and nervous Jason looked while dancing with Peta in the live show. A fan wrote, "Jason Lewis was a bit awkward. We could see you counting, too. Relax into it and you'll improve. #DWTS." However, others in line continued to slam Jason for his untrained performance. Another fanatic quote, "Oh dear, Jason Lewis has no rhythm. That’s a problem. #DWTS."




Even though Jason was a clear failure to fans while jiving in the show, he still managed to catch fans' eyes with his charming look. A die-hard fan wrote, "Jason Lewis is hot and that’s enough to earn one vote from me. Now if he can dance well he might warn 6-8 votes from me." While another fan said, "OMG @JasonLewis is so fine still.. his fiance is one lucky woman and omg @PetaMurgatroyd in that dress was a dream okay showing the bodyyyy #DWTS #DWTS31 #DWTSDisneyPlus." One fan commented on Jason's 'Sex and the City' personality saying, "If Jason Lewis showed up and gave me flowers I'd actually die. He was the best boyfriend on Sex and the City. He's very stiff when he's dancing but I think he'll get better. #DWTS." Well, it seems that fans are more charmed by Jason's personality than his dance performance on the show.




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