'Dancing With The Stars' Season 28's top 10 most memorable moments, from Sean Spicer's frilled shirt to Ally Brooke singing

Without a doubt, Hannah Brown taking home the mirrorball trophy for the win is the most noteworthy moment of the season. Here are 10 other highlights on the show

                            'Dancing With The Stars' Season 28's top 10 most memorable moments, from Sean Spicer's frilled shirt to Ally Brooke singing

After 10 weeks of battling it out against one another, 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 28 finally crowned its champion. 

On Monday night, the glittery season finale saw former Bachelorette Hannah Brown and her pro-dance partner Alan Bersten named the winners and presented with the mirrorball trophy.

The other three finalists in the show were Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber, Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko and Kel Mitchell and Whitney Carson.

Kel and Whitney came in second. Ally and Saha ranked third and Lauren and Gleb came in fourth. Apart from performances by the finalists, there were performances by Cher, Pitbull, and Ne-Yo.

Of course, without a doubt, Hannah Brown winning this season is the most noteworthy moment of the season. She managed to improve her dance throughout the course of 10 weeks giving it her best and putting in all the hard work. Though she received a lot of criticism from the judges, she took all that as a lesson, learned and improved from it all, making it to the top.

With the show's 28 edition now behind us, let's take a look back at this season's other standout moments:

1. Sean Spicer's neon-green frilled shirt

Sean Spicer's debut performance was trolled by fans on social media (ABC)

As much as we hated Sean Spicer's performance every week on the series till he got eliminated, we cannot deny that we didn't have fun watching him perform his debut routine in a frilly neon-green shirt, whose sleeves looked like a frilled lizard.

His outfit during the season premiere took over the internet with Twitterati trolling his outfit more than his performance. 

2. Sailor Brinkley steps in for her mother Christie Brinkley

Fans stand up for Christie after Wendy's accusations (ABC/Eric McCandless)

When Season 28 of DWTS premiered, fans were looking forward to the debut performance of actress, entrepreneur, and model Christie Brinkley. Sadly, she had to withdraw herself from the competition due to a last-minute injury that she underwent during practice.

Christie broke her arm during the rehearsal which resulted in her getting metal screws and plates put in her arm. With just hours left for the season to premiere, her daughter and model Sailor Brinkley stepped in, learned the routine and competed for the rest of the season in her mother's place.

3. Ray Lewis hangs up his dancing shoes

Ray Lewis quit the show because of an injury (ABC/Craig)

Ray Burton and his pro partner Cheryl Burke had to quit Season 28 on week three after the former NFL linebacker in a pre-taped video revealed that he will not be able to perform due to an old injury that resurfaced.

He shared that due to practicing continuously on his already injured feet, he ended up injuring it more by tearing three tendons and having to undergo a surgery.

4. Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber bag season's first perfect score

Ally Brooke and Sasha bagged the first perfect score this season (ABC/Eric McCandless)

Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber put their best foot forward when they bagged the season's first perfect score during week 8. Performing a stunning Paso Doble to the song 'Higher', the couple's moves were in sync to their fast-paced music.

Being a fan favorite since day 1, this particular week, the couple didn't just enchant the viewers with their performance but impressed the judges too. Bruno shared that he thought Ally was "conducting the orchestra".

5. Sean Spicer gets eliminated

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer arrives at the 2019 "Dancing With The Stars" Cast Reveal at Planet Hollywood Times Square on August 21, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

There's no sugar-coating this. Sean Spicer might be the worst dancer we've ever come across on the series with his two left feet. Somehow every week he would keep advancing to the next round with high votes, despite him receiving the lowest scores from the judges, so much so that even they wondered what he is still doing in the competition, while other contestants who were better than him kept getting eliminated.

Finally, during the Boy Band and Girl Group night on week 9, Sean Spicer got eliminated. After receiving the lowest votes of the night, judges decided to save Lauren and Gleb, eliminating Sean from the series.

6. Karamo's performance

Karamo Brown performed a routine that depicted the emotions he felt when his father rejected him for being gay. (ABC)

During week 6, 'Queer Eye's' Karamo Brown and his pro dance partner Jenna Johnson performed a contemporary routine to 'Someone You Loved' by Lewis Capaldi.

It was a memorable performance by the duo because it depicted the emotions the TV personality underwent when his father rejected him after he came out as gay.

Karamo is known for taking inspiration from his life and putting it in his dance routine. Karamo also performed a routine that was inspired by the relationship he has with his sons.

7. Hannah Brown and Carrie Ann Inaba

Hannah Brown got defensive when Carrie Ann criticized her dance routine (ABC)

Hannah Brown might have been a fan favorite since day one,  but the way she behaved when Carrie Ann gave her suggestions on her routine, didn't sit well with anyone.

During the semi-finals, Carrie Ann was Hannah and Alan's mentor. The couple was performing a dance routine to Rumba. While Hannah revealed that Carrie Ann was her source of confidence and that she looked up to her, things didn't go well when Carrie Ann told Hannah that she wasn't impressed with her dance routine during rehearsal.

Hannah got defensive with the criticism when Carrie Ann revealed their routine looked more like a cheerleader dance than Rumba. Hannah shut Carrie down, and Carrie ended up apologizing to Hannah.

8. Kel Mitchell's emotional performance

Kel Mitchell performed a routine based on gang violence during the semi-finals  (ABC)

Kel Mitchell and his pro dance partner Whitney Carson bagged the semi-finals' first perfect score with an emotional contemporary routine to Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'.

Kel revealed that this performance was particularly close to his heart because it was based on gang violence instances that he had faced in life.

He shared that he was personally affected by this when his friend was killed at the age of 16. Carrie Ann thanked Kel for showcasing his story and truth in front of them and the viewers.

9. James Van Der Beek's elimination

It was a shocking moment when James Van Der Beek was eliminated during the semi-finals (ABC) 

The semi-finals week was a hard one for James Van Der Beek. After Hannah, Kel and Lauren were revealed to be safe, James and Ally ended up in the bottom two.

Surprisingly both Carrie Ann and Bruno decided to save Ally, which left James getting the boot that week. It was a shocking moment for everyone because James was one of the frontrunners this season who performed impeccably every week.

It was in the same episode that James revealed his wife who was expecting their sixth child had a miscarriage. Fans were torn with his departure and couldn't believe he wasn't in the finals after he had been topping score charts for weeks.

10. Ally Brooke sings

Ally sang live for the first segment of her finale performance 

Early on in the season, Ally Brooke revealed how she had been conscious about her dancing after she was criticized about it a lot when she was a part of Fifth Harmony.

She also shared how some fans claimed she didn't belong in the show. But she worked hard and made it to the top by scoring the first perfect score of the season, and many more later on.

To kick off their final performance during the grand finale, Ally and Sasha decided to perform a Jive routine. Wanting to surprise her fans, Ally also sang live during the initial segment of their performance. She proved to her haters that she is not just a good dancer, but an equally good singer too.

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