'Dancing With The Stars' Season 28: Judges eliminate Sean Spicer from the show and fans say it is about time

Sean Spicer had been standing on the edge when it came to the show as everyone waited till he was eliminated and unfortunately, this week was not the week for him.

                            'Dancing With The Stars' Season 28: Judges eliminate Sean Spicer from the show and fans say it is about time

Ever since Sean Spicer joined 'Dancing With The Stars' people have been counting down days until he is eliminated. However, luck seemed to always favor him and he was always saved by the audience votes. 

But people had mixed opinions about Spicer being on the show. Some people even took it to Twitter and asked for a boycott of the show until he was eliminated but it did not work. In this week's episode, Spicer tried his best to impress the judges but things did not go as he had planned. 

The judges did not think that Spicer made any improvement and remarked that his dance looked more like "walking" than "dancing".  After calculating the audience votes, Ally Brooke, Kel Mitchell, James Van Der Beek, and Hannah Brown were saved from elimination. 

This meant that Spicer and Lauren Alaina were in the bottom two. The judges all decided to save Lauren and Spicer was out of the show. Fans were quick to express their thoughts on Spicer's elimination on social media. 

"Nice try Spicey, and thank you for your service. You've had many unforgettable experiences but I suspect this one will be near the top of the list!" wrote one. Another added, "#DWTS so glad #SeanSpicer is finally done. Everyone else can actually dance!"

Meanwhile, there were others who thought that the judges should have gone easy on Spicer knowing well that he wasn't the best dancer. "In all honesty, the scoring tonight seemed so biased. And I most definitely agree @seanspicer wasn't the best dancer. But, come on, when the show makes you question your integrity as a judge, not cool! Just my opinion. He deserved to go, but that's for the fans to decide," read one comment. 

Another read, "@DancingABC I wonder if the judges realize that the nastier they are to Sean Spicer the more votes he gets. I wasn’t gonna vote for him until I heard the outright nasty Len Goodman. Constructive criticism doesn’t have to be snarky."

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