'Dancing With The Stars' Finale: Justina Machado comes fourth, fans rally for recount as Nelly gets more votes

Justina Machado was placed fourth in the competition below rapper Nelly and fans are not happy with this season's results

                            'Dancing With The Stars' Finale: Justina Machado comes fourth, fans rally for recount as Nelly gets more votes
Justina and Nelly (Getty Images)

'Dancing With The Stars' came to an end with Artem Chigvintsev and his partner Kaitlyn Bristowe taking home the mirrorball trophy. This was the first time Artem won the competition and fans were happy for him. However, one thing that upset them was seeing Justina Machado getting placed fourth while Nelly was placed third. 

Ever since the show started, fans were in love with Justina as she brought energy and grace to the dance floor. Fans loved her performances while many rooted for her to take home the mirrorball trophy. With every episode, her scores increased, and fans were convinced she was in it to win it. 

Meanwhile, Nelly's performance had its ups and downs. The rapper made sure he put his best foot forward in every performance. However, it did not manage to win the hearts of many. Fans were quick to comment on how he should be the one to leave. They also questioned the judges when he got a higher score than some of their favorite contestants. 

Some of them were left angry when Skai Jackson and Johnny Weir had to leave the show while Nelly made it to the finale. This made them wonder if the show was rigged. The topic came back for discussion as people found out that Nelly came in third while Justina was placed fourth this season. 




Fans expressed their disappointment over the results as many thought Justina deserved a better position than fourth. "You mean to tell me THAT NEV DIDNT F**KING WIN AND JUSTINA PLACED 4th?! HAVE YALL EVEN BEEN WATCHING THE SEASON?! THAT SH*T DONT EVEN ADD UP! I WANT A RECOUNT ASAP NO ROCKY," read one comment. 

"Me @ the DWTS judges after robbing Nev and allowing nelly to score higher than Justina," read another comment. "Justina getting 4th place is literally a crime against humanity," wrote another upset fan. "Justina was robbed she is the winner of DWTS I am so upset that's not right I'm not watching this show anymore," added a user. 





Fans were also upset over Nev Schulman not being crowned as the winner this season. Overall, it seems like fans have been disappointed with how this season turned out. The season finale of 'Dancing With The Stars' aired on November 23 at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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