'DWTS' Season 30: The Miz and Witney nail their Tango, fans love the 'chaotic energy'

Mike 'The Miz' goes all out on 'Dancing With The Stars' emerges as one of the top male contenders, surprising fans with his performance

                            'DWTS' Season 30: The Miz and Witney nail their Tango, fans love the 'chaotic energy'
Mike 'The Miz' on 'Dancing With The Stars' (DWTS/Twitter)

Season 30 of 'Dancing With The Stars' is back with a bang with its second episode. The season premiere saw some interesting and exciting performances from the celebs with the competition heating up. Everyone is stepping up their game and the contestants are giving it their all. 

Amongst them was WWE star Mike 'The Miz' partnered with pro dancer Witney Carson do the Cha Cha to get a score of 24 out of 40. The Miz did the Tango to the song 'Nothing But A Good Time' by Poison. Adding up last week's score his grand total came to 50. Here's how fans reacted to the performance.


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Judge Carrie Ann said he had good energy, control with good lunges giving him a seven. Judge Len said he delivered just what was expected he just needs a little finesse and to pay attention to footwork, giving him a five. Derek said Mike was amped up with good control and scored them a seven. Judge Bruno said good aggression and bravado giving him a seven for a total of 26. His energetic routine resulted in him not being eliminated as votes came to the rescue.

A fan commented, "Ngl didn't expect The Miz to have the highest score of all the male contestants so far #DWTS". Another viewer said, "The Miz and Witney Tango. I love his energy and attitude so much!! The dance wasn't perfect, there were small fumbles and sometimes the energy would go slightly down in frame, but his performance was very good and he was so into it, I loved it! #DWTS #DWTS30". A user said, "We are here for the Miz's chaotic energy! @DancingABC #DWTS #MizWit" .

A viewer commented, "The Miz and Witney nailed their Tango! @DancingABC #DWTS #MizWit". A user commented, "WHY ARE WE PUTTING THE MIZ AND WITNEY IN THE BOTTOM FIVE?! #DWTS". Another viewer said, "Once the Miz gets his technique refined he’s going to be one to watch. #dwts". 







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