'Dancing With The Stars' Season 28: Sean Spicer's Halloween night make-up may be a hit, but his dance gets panned again

Sean Spicer hit the dance floor dressed as Frankenstein and while his looks got the applause, it wasn't the same for his dance.

                            'Dancing With The Stars' Season 28: Sean Spicer's Halloween night make-up may be a hit, but his dance gets panned again

Fans have been counting days till they can bid goodbye to Sean Spicer but it seems like luck is favoring him off late. In this week's episode, Sean and his partner Lindsay Arnold decide to perform a Jive to “Monster Mash.” 

Their routine introduced the love story of Frankenstein and we must say that his attire was in tune with the theme. Sean almost seemed unrecognizable and the audience was left shocked. However, the show's main focus was ultimately the dance in which Sean failed to impress the audience as well as the judges. Just like his past performances, this too also had the same complaints from the judges.  They thought the routine lacked the steps that would have made it better and added that Sean performed rather stiffly throughout the routine. 

Len Goodman stated that the performance did not seem natural and lacked the Jive element that is a must in any Jive performance. Bruno Tonioli thought that the monster look that Sean was aiming to achieve was at perfection but it wasn't the same for his dance. Carrie Ann Inaba did not hold back her harsh comments as she stated that it was performed just like a Mummy would. She further added that today's performance was far off than all the other performances done by Sean on the show. 

The audience also thought the same. They were quick to express their disappointment with his dancing while complimenting the look he had for today. "Appropriate costume," wrote one. Another added, "The makeup was good."

Meanwhile, others remarked that it was finally time for Sean to say his goodbyes to the show. "This was sad. It’s time. It was time last week but now it’s really time," one wrote. Another added, "Go home Sean, please!!! "

Sean received a score of 6 from all the judges. This made his score an 18 out of 30, which is the lowest score till now. Looking at the scores it seems like Sean has a good chance of being in the bottom two but the likelihood of him leaving the show is still uncertain considering how he's stuck on for so long.

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