'Dancing With The Stars' Finale: Tyra Banks's outfit trolled as fans compare dress to 'loofah' and 'swiffer duster'

Tyra Banks took the stage for the finale in a blue ballgown but fans could not help but make fun of it

                            'Dancing With The Stars' Finale: Tyra Banks's outfit trolled as fans compare dress to 'loofah' and 'swiffer duster'
Tyra Banks (ABC)

The season finale of 'Dancing With The Stars' aired on November 23. With only five people in the competition, there was no doubt that the finale episode was going to keep people glued to the screens. However, one person who managed to steal the show, maybe for the wrong reasons, was host Tyra Banks. 

Tyra has been panned by viewers ever since the season started. Even in the finale, viewers did not fail to point fingers at her. This time, many took to their social media to poke fun at the dress she chose to wear. Tyra entered the stage wearing a blue ballgown and fans had a lot to say about it. 

People were quick to flood social media as many compared the dress to a "loofah" while others compared it to a "toilet paper cover." "Honestly! Tyra! You look like a toilet paper cover!!!" read one comment. "Tyra’s dress looks like a dirty Swiffer duster," read another comment. 





"Tyra out here trying to look like Rihanna AND Ariana but failing smh THAT'S A LOOFAH," wrote another. "Watching DWTS with mum. WTF is Tyra Banks wearing? Looks like dryer lint!" wrote another user. This was not the only dress of Tyra's that was trolled on the show. Fans went on to troll her second dress that she chose for the night. 





"Mom: what is the thing on Tyra’s head, it looks like she’s trying to be the Statue of Liberty," read one comment. "Tyra’s headpiece looks like the Walmart version of Beyoncé from the Grammys," wrote another. Tyra has always been mocked for her choice of costume on the show. Many had expressed their disappointment over Tyra getting all the attention. 






Some even thought she was trying to steal the show and make it all about her. At the same time, others complained about her doing a ramp walk every time she entered. Despite this, Tyra did not let the haters dampen her spirits. She admitted there was always room for improvement while adding she would be working on those. 

Despite this, it looks like the reality star failed to redeem herself with her wardrobe choice. 

'Dancing With The Stars' season finale aired on November 23 at 8 pm ET on ABC.  

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