'Dancing With The Stars': Carole Baskin's cat-themed performance scores a 16, miffed fans say 'show is rigged'

Carole also opened up before her routine about how 'The Tiger King' documentary affected her and her family

                            'Dancing With The Stars': Carole Baskin's cat-themed performance scores a 16, miffed fans say 'show is rigged'
Carole and Pasha (ABC)

Carole Baskin had everyone glued to their screen in the latest episode as she opened up about how her life had been affected after 'The Tiger King' documentary came on Netflix. Following the documentary, Carole had to face a lot of backlash and continues to struggle to show herself in a positive light. 

The latest episode (September 22) saw Carole getting emotional as she hinted at how the show affected her reputation and her family. Carole revealed it reached a point where her daughter stopped watching the news. She further opened up about her decision to come on the show as she explained that with AGT, she hoped her real personality could be seen.

Carole hoped that her daughter can feel happy about seeing her mother perform on a show and have a platform where she can rebuild her image. After getting emotional over this conversation, Carole put herself back together to deliver her performance of Viennese Waltz. Carole and her partner Pasha Pashkov made sure the theme of cats remained in it as they chose 'What's new pussy cat' as their song. 

At the same time, the stage was set to match their theme with a big cat photo hanged on the wall surrounding flowers. There is no doubt that the crew put all their efforts into bringing the theme of the performance to life. Even though Carole and Pasha's performance was a slow dance, the judges thought it was an improvement from her first performance. 

Derek Hough said the dance was improved and the style was fit for her. Carrie Ann Inaba said the performance was better, but Carole should focus on her shoulders. Meanwhile, Bruno Tonioli said there is scope for improvement. She ended up giving Carole a 6 while Bruno and Derek gave her a 5, making it a total score of 16.




Fans were not pleased with the score as one commented, "This show is rigged Carole Baskins also got a 6. #dwts what are guys really judging?" "I struggle to sympathize for Carole Baskin...kinda hoping she’s the one to go home tonight," read another comment. 

"So we really gonna give Carole a higher score than Skai? Yeah she almost fell, but that recovery and how she carried the rest of the dance was amazing," said another user. "Carole Baskin be up there doing less than nothing & the judges act like she’s moving mountains. This is a joke," read another comment. 





'Dancing With The Stars' airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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