'Dancing With The Stars': Judges go a little easy on Sean Spicer after being slammed for Disney episode's harsh remarks

Judges decided to look at the bright side of Sean Spicer's performance after many criticized them for their rude comments in the last episode.

                            'Dancing With The Stars': Judges go a little easy on Sean Spicer after being slammed for Disney episode's harsh remarks

With just two weeks left for the finale of 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 28, the stakes are high for the contestants. Hoping to make an impact on the judges, Sean Spicer decided to show off his grooves as he danced on “Bills Bills Bills” by Destiny’s Child and have it fused with Argentine Tango.

Spicer was interested in performing this dance routine as he believed having a routine with heavy lifts might help him make a good impression on the judges. However, it did not make much difference. Among the other judges, there was a new guest judge that Spicer had to impress and it was none other than Joey Fatone. 

Fatone was not quite impressed with Spicer's performance as he stated that the performance did not live up to the expectations and Spicer's fluidity was stompy.  Bruno Tonioli also echoed similar thoughts and stated that the routine looked more like a "struggle" but did appreciate the hard work and effort Spicer always put into his dance.

Carrie Ann Inaba also applauded the efforts put by Spicer but stated that he lacked the dancing feet that one requires to come out as a good dancer. Led Goodman, on the other hand, loved that the routine was quite short but as for Spicer's dance performance, Goodman did not see any and in his eyes, Spicer was just "walking about."

While the comments may not be that good, they are far away from the harsh comments that Spicer received for last week's Disney round. Fans were quick to slam the judges and lend out their support for Spier's performance after they thought that the judges were not being reasonable while judging his performance. 

"Breaks my heart that the judges openly admit they’ve tried to “throw him out the boat”. I’m glad he’s still around!!! I love seeing his progress @seanspicer Get em Spicey!!!!!" wrote one fan. Another added, "My goodness except for Carrie Ann the other two were so rude I get he isn't the best dancer but dam so harsh !!"

It seems like the judges are almost trying to make up for their last week's comment but will these be enough for Spicer to survive another week on the show?

'Dancing With The Star' airs on Mondays at 8 pm on ABC.

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