Dances with Films festival 2018 to feature 'Doubting Thomas,' 'Murder Made Easy,' and 'Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration Of Psychedelics'

The Dances With Films Festival 2018 will feature the premieres of 'Doubting Thomas' and 'Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration of Psychedelics,' and 'Murder Made Easy'

                            Dances with Films festival 2018 to feature 'Doubting Thomas,' 'Murder Made Easy,' and 'Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration Of Psychedelics'
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This year's edition of the Dances with Films festival will be featuring the likes of 'Doubting Thomas' by Will McFadden (Takers, The Roommate, Repo Men, Hollywood Homicide), 'Murder Made Easy' by Dave Palamaro (In Heaven There is No Beer), and 'Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration Of Psychedelics' by Brian Bellinkoff.

'Doubting Thomas' will star Sarah Butler (I Spit on Your Grave, Castle, CSI: Miami), Jamie Hector (The Wire, Ghost Dog), Melora Walters (Big Love, Criminal Minds), James Morrison (Jarhead, Catch Me If You Can), Robert Belushi (Sorority Row, Thunderstruck), and Zach Craggier (Miss March, Wrecked) and will have its world premiere on Tuesday, June 12.

The 80-minute drama will chronicle the story of a white couple, Jen (Sarah Butler) and Tom (Will McFadden), who have just had a baby boy, except, there's a problem. The boy is black. Jen swears that the boy, named Liam, is Tom's, and while he initially believes her, he increasingly begins to suspect their dear family friend, Ron (Jamie Hector). The fact that people confuse Ron for Liam's father infuriates Tom but by the time the secret to the baby's appearance is made known, it may just be too late for his relationship.  

Christopher Soren Kelly (Fargo, The Frame), Jessica Graham (BnB Hell, The Tangle), Daniel Ahearn (Inheritance, SMILF), Emilia Richeson (Psycho Sleepover, White Whale), Edmund Lupinski (Hello My Name is Doris, Electives), Sheila Cutchlow (The Wire, True Detective), Paul A. Rose Jr. (Castle, Bones) will feature in 'Murder Made Easy,' premiering Thursday, June 14.

Described as the 'Agatha Christie for a new generation,' 'Murder Made Easy' will revolve around best friends Joan (Jessica Graham) and Michael (Christopher Soren Kelly) as they host a dinner party in memory of Joan's husband, Neil. However, it's no ordinary dinner party. The guests soon find out that each of them is part of an elaborate link that protects an important secret.

'Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration Of Psychedelics' is Belinkoff's directorial debut and will star comedian Shane Mauss. As the title suggests, the documentary will feature Mauss in the titular role of the psychonaut, a person who explores activities in an altered state of consciousness achieved through the consumption of psychedelics.

Mauss, who recently wrapped up a 111-city comedy tour (cleverly titled 'The Good Trip) and has 20-years of experience of indulging in psychedelics, will attempt to deepen his understanding of the mystical world further in the documentary.

It will also include Mauss describing some of his own intense experiences and speaking to the top scientists and experts in the realm, with the world premiere taking place on Friday, June 15.

The Dances With Films independent film festival for 2018 is set to begin on Thursday, 7th June, in Los Angeles and will continue through the next week until Sunday, June 17. The festival has been taking place since 1998 and is dedicated to representing independent cinema, with up and coming directors, writers, and producers given the chance to showcase their talent.