Why is Danbury naming its sewer plant after John Oliver? Internet jokes it's 'his best possible achievement'

Mayor Mark Boughton announced the decision after Oliver went on a rant about Danbury: 'We are going to rename it the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant. Why? Because it's full of crap just like you, John'

                            Why is Danbury naming its sewer plant after John Oliver? Internet jokes it's 'his best possible achievement'
John Oliver (Getty Images)

John Oliver is known for his sharp wit and never shies away from speaking out against something if he thinks it needs attention. However, what prompted his recent rant about Danbury in his HBO talk show isn’t clear yet, according to a report by The Guardian. On the other hand, as a reaction to his rant, officials in Danbury have stated that they will name their sewage plant after the comedian.

According to the report, Mayor Mark Boughton announced this decision on his Facebook page. The report quoted the Republican mayor as saying, "We are going to rename it the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant. Why? Because it’s full of crap just like you, John."

In the latest 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' episode, the host elucidated about racial disparities in the jury selection process, mentioning problems in Hartford and New Britain. The report quoted Oliver as saying, "If you’re going to forget a town in Connecticut, why not forget Danbury? Because, and this is true, f**k Danbury!"

He did mention Danbury's "charming railway museum" and its "historic Hearthstone Castle", but said: "Danbury, Connecticut, can eat my whole a**," according to the report. He added that he knew "exactly three things about Danbury. USA Today ranked it the second-best city to live in 2015, it was once the center of the American hat industry and if you’re from there, you have a standing invite to come get a thrashing from John Oliver, children included, f**k you."

The reason behind his rant still hasn’t been answered by him or his agent. The report stated that back in 2017, the host had poked fun at Boughton and other mayors regarding videos they made to attract Amazon’s second world headquarters. In his video, Boughton had asked the home assistant Alexa about naming the best place for the facility, and Alexa had replied Danbury. In Boughton’s new video, he did not forget to mention that Amazon has decided to open a distribution facility in the city.

According to the report, the mayor said, "And, oh by the way, thanks for showing that Amazon video. We did get Amazon here in Danbury." However, this isn’t the first time a facility has been named after Oliver. In 2018, The Guardian reported that Oliver had purchased a number of items from Russell Crowe's "divorce auction" to help out struggling Alaskan Blockbuster video stores, including AU$7,000 for the jockstrap the actor wore in the film 'Cinderella Man'.

Shortly after Oliver’s gesture, Crowe had to think "this is such a wonderful random act of kindness that I am planning now on how to best use the @iamjohnoliver money he spent on groin protectors and such. Given his often shown genuine love for Australians and Australia, it’s got to be something special."


Later in his show, Oliver had joked, "As far as I'm aware I’ve never shown genuine love for Australians or Australia. At most I’ve shown morbid curiosity for it, the way a nine-year-old pokes a dead frog with a stick," according to the report.

However, soon Crowe shared a video where it was revealed that the money was spent on a ward at Australia Zoo wildlife hospital to treat chlamydia in koalas. In the video, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin can be seen saying that they named the facility The John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward after Crowe made "amazing donation
to help the koalas thanks to Oliver’s purchases in the auction.

In response to that, Oliver is his show, as quoted in the report, had said, "Well played Russell Crowe. Well played indeed. That may honestly be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. What I’m essentially saying here is we’ve accomplished everything we set out to do on this show. This means thanks very much everyone, but we are f**king done here. That’s right, let’s shut it down. This show is over."


After the recent announcement video by Danbury’s mayor, Twitter also had to give their two cents. One user said, "A sewer plant is good honest needed work. Its sole purpose is to clean shit up and release its sanitary to the environment end product. unlike politicians whose sole purpose is to spew forth sh*t and never clean it up. @LastWeekTonight @iamjohnoliver"



Another said, "Danbury naming their sewer plant ‘John Oliver memorial sewer plant’ is the funniest thing since The John Oliver Koala Chlamydia Ward.


A user wrote: "@KatRamsland Yeah. That's not Fair. John Oliver gets the Sewer named for himself. When.... It's my COLON he telling the HISTORY of."


One tweeted, "This is probably the best possible achievement for him - that he trolled a town full of bigots so hard that they named a sewer plant after them. Kudos @iamjohnoliver.


A user shared said, "Just when I thought my favorite show had enough of the koala bs.... Welcome to >> John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant #lastweektonight How low can it go?? @iamjohnoliver"




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