'Lethal Weapon': Fans call on Fox to bring back Clayne Crawford now that Damon Wayans has quit

The news of Damon Wayans quitting the show is not confirmed yet as he never intimated the Producers of the show or the Studio about it

                            'Lethal Weapon': Fans call on Fox to bring back Clayne Crawford now that Damon Wayans has quit

As if Clayne Crawford's exit from Fox's hit series 'Lethal Weapon' wasn't hard enough for the fans now that Damon Wayans too, announced his shocking exit. Fans were left reeling, however, they were quick to seize the opportunity to call out showrunners to bring back their Clayne Crawford. "I believe #DamonWayans should have been the one to be killed off instead of Clayne Crawford! 'Lethal Weapon' was a good show & someone is responsible for ruining a great show on FOX. I believe Wayans is leaving cause the show sucks now!"

Damon Wayans had announced on Wednesday that he will quit the show in December after he finishes filming initial 13 episodes. The reason he gave in an interview with Electronic Urban Report was that "I'm a 58-year-old diabetic and I'm working 16-hour days," and added, "I am too old for this."

However, it is not confirmed that Wayans will actually quit as he took this decision on the spur of the moment, without intimating the studios or producers of the show, as per reports. The channel will have to come up with a backup plan if they want to keep the series going if Wayans goes through with his plan.


Fans took to Twitter to express how they are now unsure of the show's future. Ever since Clayne Crawford was dismissed from the show, some of the fans had been blaming Wayans. Now that he's quitting the show, Clayne's fans are celebrating and demanding for his character - Martin Riggs' return.  

One fan shared that he is confused with that is happening around the show and said, "Damon Wayans leaving Lethal Weapon. So...why did we have to suffer through all the drama before? He could have just left and Clayne stayed with another partner."

Clayne Crawford's fans are starting a movement by dropping ideas to bring him back and keep the show going without Wayans. One of the Clayne supporters tweeted, "If Damon Wayans is leaving 'Lethal Weapon' can we not just bring @ClayneCrawford's Riggs back. We never actually saw him dead. Team him up with Cole. I'm Chaos, he's Mayhem... What are we required reading!?"

Amidst all the Clayne support roar on Twitter, there are a few fans who understand the reasoning provided by Wayans and supported him in his decision. One of the Wayans supporters said, "Idk why she asked him if he was serious. I know he's a comedian, but he's obviously in serious mode here. The causes for his decision are understandable. All of those reasons are important. Go Damon💪!"