Dame Dash accuses 'Monster's Ball' producer Lee Daniels of owing him $2 million, threatens to take him to court

Dame Dash says that Lee Daniels borrowed $2 million from him to kickstart his directorial career in the late 2000s but that he has not returned that money since

                            Dame Dash accuses 'Monster's Ball' producer Lee Daniels of owing him $2 million, threatens to take him to court
Dame Dash (Getty Images)

A feud seems to be brewing between 47-year-old music producer Dame Dash and director Lee Daniels, with the former accusing Daniels of borrowing $2 million from him to kickstart his directorial career and then subsequently refusing to reimburse said debt. Dash made the incendiary accusations on a post on his Instagram page.

The post is accompanied by a video of the two having an animated conversation with one another, assumably about the money Daniels owes. It begins with the director promising Dash that he will call him back. "No, no, no, no. I need to know what we're going to do about this, cause we about to issue another lawsuit and I'm going public about it," Dash threatens.

"As a Black man, I gave you the money you needed, so how you not gonna give me my money? How? 2 million dollars bro! That's like working capital. You told me you was gonna give me my money in a month!" he furiously continues.

In response, Daniels, who to his credit appears to be unperturbed and calm, tries to assure Dash that the money will be returned and that he will give him his phone number so they can have a conversation away from the hullaballoo of the crowd. The 47-year-old, however, seems to be having none of it. "You wrong man! You wrong!" he says.

"You didn't even invite me to 'Precious' or any of that sh*t," he alleges, referring to Daniels' 2009 drama film that went on to receive six Academy Award nominations and won two. "Tell all these people how you wronged me! You don't call me. You never had to struggle and you made it in foreign," Dash gesticulates.

Certain portions of the conversation that are not subtitled are barely discernible, but the pair's body language — Dash's aggressive gesturing and Daniels' defensive posture — seems to indicate that Dash may indeed have a case here.

Dash was not fibbing when he threatened to go public with the information either, with his Instagram post laying bare his frustrations with the director. He wrote, "I straight up loaned this dude Lee Daniels @theoriginalbigdaddy 2 million to pay for his dream of being a director..."

"It was the money I was using to fund my movies and stay Indy...he promised I get my money back in months...then he makes precious and goes missing so he doesn’t have to pay me...then then Butler...empire...same shit Why does this dude feel like he doesn’t have to pay me?...why do I have to look crazy to get my money back...or go to court..."

"Ask @theoriginalbigdaddy why he doesn’t feel like he has to pay me even though he has it...what type of shit is this.. #paywhatyouowe I’m going to put this whole thing on my ig tv in a few... true definition of a culture vulture @culturevultures_book ...eats off the culture but Robs the culture at the same time... see you back in court Lee your gonna pay me what you owe...please everyone ask him way he doesn’t think he has to pay me... ," he continued. 

It remains to be seen how Daniels responds to the allegations.