Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green to star together for the 1st time in 'Dakota'

Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green to star together for the 1st time in 'Dakota'
Megan Fox (Source : Getty Images)

Megan Fox, and her husband Brian Austin Green will star together for the first time in a film titled 'Dakota'. The family adventure by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi’s AMBI Media Group and Iervolino Entertainment S.p.A. will see the 'Transformers' actor play the role of a war widow, Kate, who lives on a farm with her daughter. Her husband last served in Afghanistan. Kate's life changes completely when a soldier, comes to town to fulfill a promise he made to a friend. He brings home Kate's husband's best friend, a dog named Dakota. The makers haven't announced what role the 'Beverly Hills 90210' star, Green, would portray in the film. 'Dakota' will be directed by Kirk Harris. 

Dakota, the dog becomes accustomed to life on the farm and impresses the locals when he rescues a woman from a burning building. The former combat dog becomes a local hero and brings the attention of the local sheriff to Kate's farmland, which he wants to acquire at any cost. According to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, he even burns the farmland to get Kate to sell it. It is with the help of the soldier, her daughter and the dog, that Kate will fight the sheriff and also understand the value of the farmland that she owns. 

The screenplay of the film is written by Johnny Harrington well-known for writing 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer'. In a statement to the press, Iervolino said: "Having Megan and Brian star together is really cool for us as we certainly won’t have to manufacture the kind of chemistry and magic that makes a family film like this so special! This is the type of light-hearted yet adventurous material that audiences are really responding to these days so we’re very happy to be making more films in this space and know Dakota will touch on the soft spots audiences have for feel-good entertainment."


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