'Dad Wanted' aka 'Se busca papá': Meet Silvia Navarro, Natalie Coronado and rest of the cast of Netflix comedy

The tween protagonist, determined to compete in a BMX race, hires an actor to pose as her father

                            'Dad Wanted' aka 'Se busca papá': Meet Silvia Navarro, Natalie Coronado and rest of the cast of Netflix comedy

Netflix’s upcoming Mexican comedy film 'Dad Wanted' or ‘Se busca papá' follows Blanca (Natalie Coronado), a thrill-seeking tween girl who is forbidden to enter BMX race by her mother following her father’s tragic bike accident. But, Blanca is determined to compete, for which she hires an actor to pose as her father. If you are thrilled about watching ‘Dad Wanted’ or 'Se busca papá', meet the cast here ahead of its release on September 11.

Silvia Navarro

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Silvia Navarro is a Mexican actress who will be seen as Fernanda, Blanca’s mother in ‘Dad Wanted’. She began her career as a child actor by appearing in ads for different brands. Navarro served as the host for a game show called ‘A la cachi’ when she was 18. She won the leading role in Mexican television series ‘Perla’ and went on to feature in more television programs including ‘Catalina y Sebastián’, ‘La calle de las novias’, ‘Cuando seas mía’, ‘La duda and La heredera’. She starred in 2016’s ‘La candidata’. Navarro's film credits include ‘Caer en tentación’, ‘La candidata’, ‘Mi corazón es tuyo’, and ‘Amor bravío’.

Juan Pablo Medina

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Juan Pablo essays the role of Alberto in ‘Dad Wanted’. Blanca hires him to pose as her father in order to enter the bike race. Pablo Medina is a Mexican actor born in Virginia, United States, who is best known for the portrayal of Ulises in the Mexican drama ‘Drenaje profundo’ by TV Azteca. Some of his notable works in television include, ‘Ingobernable’, ‘La casa de las flores’, ‘Guerra de ídolos’, ‘Blue Demon’ and ‘Sin rastro de ti’. His film credits include ‘Guadalupe Reyes’, ‘Un papá pirata’, ‘This Is Tomas’ and ‘Ready to Mingle’.

Natalie Coronado 

Natalie Coronado will be seen as the rebellious tween Blanca. Besides Netflix’s upcoming comedy, she’s featured in ‘Locas por el cambio’. She played the role of Paula Nina in the movie directed by Igtzi Hurtado.

Roberto Quijano 

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Mexican actor Roberto Quijano plays Sergio in ‘Dad Wanted'. He’s best known for featuring in 2018’s ‘The House of Flowers’. Quijano’s other films include ‘Treintona’, ‘Soltera y Fantástica’ and ‘Lady Altagracia’.

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