Mark McLaughlin: Dad breaks school referee's nose at 8-year-old son's basketball game

The 31-year old father, Mark McLaughlin from King County, has pleaded not guilty to the charge of second degree assault

                            Mark McLaughlin: Dad breaks school referee's nose at 8-year-old son's basketball game
Screengrab showing how the father pushed the referee at his son's basketball game, causing him to fall down and break his nose (YouTube)

KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON: An over-enthusiastic father, 31, was charged with assault after he shoved a referee at his 8-year old son's basketball game. The elderly referee's nose was apparently broken when he fell. This game was conducted at Kenmore Middle School. This attack was captured by spectators on smartphones and quickly spread all across social media. 

Mark McLaughlin stomped onto the basketball court at his son's middle school on 16th December when he disagreed with a call made by the 72-year old referee. He then pushed the elderly referee, who fell face first and broke his nose and cheek. 


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McLaughlin turned himself into the authorities the following day and he pleaded not guilty to the charge of second degree assault. This was reported by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office on 3rd January. The 8-year old's father is 6'6" and weighs 215 lbs. He is a former basketball player at Central Washington University. Between the years 2012 and 2013, he averaged 22.4 points per game during the regular season. This 31-year old is said to have attended nine different schools in a span of six years including Seattle University and the University of Washington.

As reported by the Seattle Times, "The defendant is 6’6 and 215 lbs and was likely able to generate a significant amount of force. The defendant is clearly unable to keep his temper under control, even in a room full of children and parents at a school basketball game.” The referee's nose was bleeding for around 90 minutes while he was being treated in the locker room at the middle school. The referee was then taken to the University of Washington Northwest Medical Center for treatment.

McLauglin's eight-year old allegedly intentionally fouled one of the opposing players which led to this incident. “No one touches my son!” yelled McLaughlin as he stormed on to the court. The father and son left the premises before the cops arrived. A deputy attempted to contact McLaughlin at his Kenmore apartment. There lights were turned on but the blinds were shut, and though the deputy heard a woman’s voice, it was completely quiet after he knocked on the door, according to the police report. McLaughlin, 31 was released on 18th December on bail which was set at $20,000. His next hearing is scheduled in court on 17th February.

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