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LGBTQ group slammed for canceling Dave Chappelle and not DaBaby: 'Who TF are they'

According to the LGBTQ organization, Dave Chappelle has not shown any empathy or remorse over his controversial Netflix special
DaBaby and Dave Chappelle (Photos by Rich Fury/Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)
DaBaby and Dave Chappelle (Photos by Rich Fury/Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

Months after getting canceled over his homophobic rant at Rolling Loud Miami, DaBaby seems to have finally reserved a place in the good books of the LGBTQ community. Relationship Unleashed CEO Gwendolyn D Clemons revealed that they approve of DaBaby’s recent comeback at Rolling Loud New York adding that they would be supportive of his performances in the future.

However, the LGBTQ organization also made it clear that Dave Chappelle, who sparked a debate over transphobia and homophobia after his Netflix special ‘The Closer’, has not been forgiven as the comedian has not shown any empathy or remorse. The 48-year-old comedian had further irked the Internet after he said “F**k Twitter’ for being canceled over trans jokes on his show. DaBaby, on the other hand, wanted to educate himself as he sat with Gwendolyn’s organization and other LGBTQ groups to understand why his homophobic comments were problematic, as reported by TMZ.

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DaBaby forgiven over homophobic rant but Dave Chappelle isn’t

Clemons told TMZ that DaBaby came from a place of ignorance but now he understood the situation, the reason why they approve of his recent performance at the music festival. Clemons revealed that the ‘BOP’ hitmaker sat with more than 100 organizations that advocate for the LGBTQ community. The hip-hop artist educated himself over why his comments on AIDS were hurtful and harmful.

As for Dave Chappelle, his views are being dubbed as “hate speech disguised as comedy” by Clemons’ organization. She added that Chappelle was very much aware what he was doing and that he was gaslighting audiences into bigoted POVs. Chappelle had even mentioned DaBaby in his controversial Netflix special. “I came here tonight because this body of work that I’ve done on Netflix, I’m going to complete, said the funny man. He continued, “All the questions you might have had about all these jokes I’ve said in the last few years, I hope to answer tonight. And I’d like to start by addressing the [LGBTQ] community directly” adding, “I want every member of that community to know that I come here tonight in peace and I hope to negotiate the release of DaBaby.”

Dave Chappelle looks on during UFC 264: Poirier v McGregor 3 at T-Mobile Arena on July 10, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

‘DaBaby literally implied gay folks have diseases’

Social media users were left fuming after they got to know about DaBaby getting back in the good graces but not Chappelle. One furious user said, “Who TF are they to be signing off on in anyone performing?! Ugh.” Another mentioned, “DaBaby literally implied gay folks have diseases, and Chappelle implied trans folks can be oversensitive. Who they chose to cancel may surprise you!...Or may not.”
Meanwhile, one user shared, “Yeah, the majority of people aren’t letting anyone cancel Dave so they can keep it moving. Instead of educating people, the cancel culture community who are twisting the words said in The Closer are embarrassing themselves.” Another posted, “Lol this funny man them folks run the world now huh smh I guess they got Dave Chappelle part about the dababy and took it seriously but still can't take the other truth.” The next one tweeted, “This is getting out of hand! How is it us and them! Signs off.... It's so many things wrong with that one statement.” Whereas, one stated, “Who even gave the LGBT that kind of power ??” And, another concluded, “LMFAO cancel culture isn’t real. Look at DaBaby and Dave Chapelle. Only the mentally strongest survive.”