'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Season 5 Episode 12 Review: It's back to college for a fun but forgettable party

The episode sees the Legends party with a god, learning to work with Astra, and Mick Rora growing closer to his daughter Lia

                            'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Season 5 Episode 12 Review: It's back to college for a fun but forgettable party
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Spoilers for 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Season 5, Episode 12 'Freaks and Geeks'

While 'Legends of Tomorrow' has staked its entertainment value on its wild and irreverent unpredictability, this means that now all 'Legends' episodes are created equal. 'Freaks and Geeks' has definitely been one of the more forgettable episodes of the season — but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its moments. 

Having discovered that the Loom of Fate wasn't meant for handling by mortal hands, the Legends decide that their best bet is to become gods — if only for a day. The chalice that allows them to do so, however, lies in the hands of Dionysius (Drew Ray Tanner).

The God of Wine and Revelry has been spending his years right where the party at — at the frat houses of mortals, enjoying college campus life. It's time for the Legends to go Greek, in more ways than one. 

While there's a lot of fun to be had this episode, it doesn't really stand out from what's been a brilliant rollercoaster ride of a season. Individual moments, however, do. Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) is making the best of her blindness, donning shades that raise the Cool dial well past eleven.

Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) continues to grow closer to his daughter Lita (Mina Sundwall), giving Rory a lot more range than he tends to get on the show. Perhaps the most intriguing, though, is perhaps Astra Logue's (Olivia Swann) journey to becoming a fully-fledged member of the Legends.

The wackiness of the Legends should be far beneath even Astra's acknowledgment, but like it or not, her fate has now died to theirs — literally, as they're the only ones with the power and willingness to help bring her mother back to life.

While the last episode highlighted just how little the team feels like they can trust her, this episode shows just why Astra begins to learn why she can trust them.

It's more than just her manipulating the team to pursue her own agenda. Astra is genuinely hurt at the team's trust and their lack of acceptance as to just what kind of person she truly is.

With a little help from the other team outsider with a little bit of evil in her — Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Seller), Astra manages to make her own contribution to this week's 'Legends' plan — and she gets to do it her way. 

Nate Heywood (Nick Zano) is, of course, having the time of his life as he's the one character who seems to have never really left the college mindset — making him ultimately more susceptible to Dion's charms.

Dion, for his part, could not have given a better performance as a frat leader who still carries the weight of centuries and powerful magic on his shoulders. A god and an annoyingly confident college kid are two very different roles to play and Tanner balances the two admirably.

It's a fun episode, allowing for the cast to loosen up a bit and have a little more fun than they ordinarily get to. There were no real threats for the Legends to fight, but the importance of teamwork and sisterhood rings clear.

It's an episode that has a very simple story to tell — the Legends trying to fit in among a populace that appears to have no clue about how to spot an adult in their midst.

As ever, the show makes the best of its concept — but tackling an aspect of college life that's so shallow, it's hard to really see how much further they ould have taken the concept. The next episode of 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' airs on May 19 on The CW. 

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