Cypress Hill announce new album 'Elephants on Acid', share lead single 'Band of Gypsies': Listen

The album is Cypress Hill's first in eight years and follows 2010's 'Rise Up'. It also sees group member DJ Muggs in the producer's seat for the first time in 14 years.

                            Cypress Hill announce new album 'Elephants on Acid', share lead single 'Band of Gypsies': Listen

The wave of comebacks from 90s bands in recent years and especially in 2018 just grew larger. Cypress Hill has announced that they are all set to return with their first album in eight years. Titled 'Elephants on Acid', the album is due out on September 28 via BMG. For Grammy-winning hip-hop legends DJ Muggs, B-Real, Sen Dog, and Eric Bobo this comeback effort serves as their ninth overall. It follows 2010’s 'Rise Up', which boasted guest contributors in Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello (who also plays with B-Real in Prophets of Rage).

Talking about the new album in an exclusive interview with NME, Sen Dog said: “We wanted to achieve something new, and make something different from the last album. Not that we hated the last album, but we wanted something with a heavy Cypress vibe on it and we achieved that! It’s a pure Cypress Hill album from start to end.” The massive, 21-track effort also marks a noteworthy comeback by DJ Muggs in the producer's role, making it the first album he has produced for the prolific Californian hip-hop outfit since 2004’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part.’ Talkin about DJ Muggs' role as producer, Sen Dog said: “anything can happen when Muggs, B-Real and myself get together. We’ve grown up as men now, but the chemistry is still the same.”

“When we came out in the nineties, we sounded like nobody else; we sounded like ourselves. This is another continuations,” he added.

Sen Dog also revealed that DJ Muggs is also responsible for the title of the album, which also curiously shares its name with a non-fiction work by Alex Boese that documents strange experiments on animals including one where Tusko the elephant in Lincoln Park Zoo was administered a fatal dose of LSD. In the interview, DJ Muggs shared that he started collecting ideas for the album in 2013 after dreaming about an out of body experience of a man with an elephant head, which probably explains the cover art that features a psychedelic rendition of the elephantine Hindu deity Ganesha (see the album art below). Crafting beats globally, Muggs traveled far and wide, recording in Egypt, Jordan and the Joshua Tree.

Meanwhile, rapper B-Real -- who also recently dropped a hot new single 'Heart Afire' with his side project supergroup Prophets of Rage -- described the new album as “both a trip back to the roots and an escape into a completely new world.” When asked if some of Prophets of Rage's highly politically charged ethos might creep into the new album, Sen Dog revealed that that was not the intention of the new LP. "We didn’t want to bring that vibe to Elephants on Acid," he said in the NME interview.

"A lot of artists are taking that stance and I respect them for that, but this album is more about good vibes and stoner music. There’s a psychedelic vibe and I don’t think politics has anything to do or anything to put in with that vibe," he explained.

In anticipation of the new album, Cypress Hill have previewed the lead single from the album. Titled 'Band of Gypsies', the oriental flavored psychedelic track is a supremely catchy ode to cannabis, full of great praise for "hashish" and "the herb". As Rolling Stone points out, the track was recorded by DJ Muggs during sessions in Egypt where he says he teamed with instrumentalists who could play oud, sitar, guitar, keyboard and flute.

Check out the single below, followed by the tracklisting and album art for 'Elephants on Acid'.

'Elephants on Acid' Tracklist:
01. Tusko
02. Band of Gypsies
03. Put Em in the Ground
04. Satao
05. Jesus Was a Stoner
06. Pass the Knife
07. LSD
08. Oh Na Na
09. Holy Mountain
10. Locos
11. Falling Down
12. Elephant Acid
13. Insane OG
14. The 5th Angel
15. Warlord
16. Reefer Man
17. Thru the Rabbit Hole
18. Crazy
19. Muggs is Dead
20. Blood on My Hands Again
21. Stairway to Heaven

Elephants on Acid Album Art: