CW releases photos of 'The Flash's' sixth episode, 'The Icicle Cometh', where Caitlin meets her estranged father Thomas

According to the synopsis, Caitlin was supposed to find out 'something new' about her father but by the looks of it, Caitlin will finally meet her father again. 

                            CW releases photos of 'The Flash's' sixth episode, 'The Icicle Cometh', where Caitlin meets her estranged father Thomas

After releasing the synopsis a few days ago, the CW has now released the photos for 'The Flash's' sixth episode titled 'The Icicle Cometh'. In the second episode of the current season, it was revealed that Caitlin Snow's (Danielle Panabaker) father Thomas Snow (Kyle Secor) faked his death years ago and soon after that she realized about her Killer Frost power but was unaware of its origin. Caitlin has a lot of questions from her past life and about her father, which can only be answered by Thomas.  According to the synopsis Caitlin was supposed to find out "something new" about her father but by the looks of the images shared by TV Line, Caitlin will finally be reunited with him.

In the pictures, we see Barry Allen, Cisco, and Caitlin in bomber jackets in an interior setting that looks like an extremely cold lab and they seem to be in search of something, some clue or perhaps Thomas himself. However, in one of the pictures, it is seen that Kyle Secor, who will be playing Thomas is talking to Caitlin, meaning she obviously found him and now comes the part where she can get some clarity about her past and her powers. 



Panabaker in an interview with ComicBook said that it will be really important for Caitlin to know her past. "You know, toward the end of the season we saw Caitlin try to understand a little bit more of why she disappeared... so I think also this year she's uncovering some mysteries about Killer Frost and how Killer Frost came to be and we're going to see her delve into that," said Panabaker. 

As mentioned in the synopsis and now in the pictures, Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton), Nora Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Sherloque Wells (Tom Cavanagh) are working together to know more about Cicada (Chris Klein). Cicada's character is being explored in the recent episodes and the fans have been long waiting to uncover the mystery behind his dagger. However, Klein explains in an interview with TV Line that there is a reason for Orlin Dwyer's actions.



"There’s a reason why as Cicada he wants all metahumans to die. We will learn what that reason is, and we’ll get to judge Orlin for it. One of the coolest things about The Flash is that with every villain, the fans get an opportunity to judge them on their merits. Every villain has a reason for being, and Orlin’s is a pretty heavy one. This guy comes with a lot of sadness. It’s going to be a tough fight for Team Flash because Cicada has this dagger that dampens metahuman powers," said Klein. Klein had also revealed previously that Cicada, will get a stand-alone episode where we can see what had happened with Orlin and how Cicada came into being. 

You can find the official synopsis, reported by ComicBook, below:

"CAITLIN LEARNS SOMETHING NEW ABOUT HER FATHER — Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), Barry (Grant Gustin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) learn something new about Caitlin’s father (guest star Kyle Secor). Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) and Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) follow a clue about Cicada (Chris Klein).
Chris Peppe directed the episode written by Kristen Kim & Joshua V. Gilbert."

The fifth episode of 'The Flash' titled 'All Doll'd Up' is scheduled to air on November 13, while the episode titled 'The Icicle Cometh' will air on November 20.