'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 7 Episode 2: Disappointment, intriguing revelations await the Lagina brothers

'The Curse Of Oak Island' Season 7 Episode 2:  Disappointment, intriguing revelations await the Lagina brothers

Hope is what seems to drive the Lagina brothers to return to Oak Island and try to excavate the litany of treasure, that's rumored to have been buried there for eons. In the premiere of season 7 of 'The Curse Of Oak Island', Ricky and Martina Lagina, through means of refined technology, got hints of something that seemed like a ship at the bottom of the swamp. Was it a Spanish Galleon from the 15th century, that was stacked with treasure? The brothers and the team were excited and hoped for an affirmative answer.


In the second episode 'Core Values', the team does its best to investigate the swamp and this raises several questions as new finds make them wonder if the swamp is actually natural or man-made. A startling discovery leads to the possibility of a connection to the money pit, and the brothers cannot stop rubbing their hands in glee.

These aren't the only revelations, as they unveil other pieces of rocks and stone termed as 'swage', which is a tool that can give the desired metal a required form. Could this be from the 14th century? Their team expert asserts that it is so and that no other island has such uniquely crafted materials. Unfortunately, they face a disappointment, as after thorough research they find that it isn't a ship at the bottom of the swamp.

Nevertheless, they remain hopeful and believe that this leads to several interesting questions and possibilities about the connection to the mysterious money pit. To quote from the film 'The Shawshank Redemption', hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. Let's hope that their strong belief pays off one day? 

One must credit the Lagina brothers for doggedly continuing this task of trying one mystery after another on the same island. They've still not found the treasure, (not sure whether they will), but they've found other objects from the past and are determined to unwrap the layers of mystery surrounding the island. They've tracked most of their revelations to the medieval times and this does add a tinge of excitement to the show. The viewer does feel sucked into the adventure and trying to understand along with the searchers, who dug pits, created flood channels and why none of this is in the historical record. You do start to see why this island has possessed such a hold over people for centuries, since the late 1780s, ever since teenagers went to the island and discovered a depression near the oak tree. No treasure, but more questions, and very few answers.


To be honest, the show does provide instructive information about The Knights Templar, the Spanish Galleons and the infamous money pit. The wild goose chase continues, and let's be fair, we're in it with them too. 

The episode is just as fantastical as the previous ones from the show, and the team's unbridled optimism and hope continue to steer the show forward. They refuse to give up hope even in the face of dead ends, and you can literally see them stringing theories together. There are several references to previous searchers, which does tend to sidetrack the episode occasionally. 

'The Curse Of Oak Island' aired on History Channel on November 12. 


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